Dr. Keith Ablow’s Pain-2-Power is fuel for the SELF that gives you what you need to meet any challenge or goal, no matter how lofty or daunting. It propels you past conscious and unconscious fears, so that you can find, embrace and optimize the highest levels of your creativity, intelligence and autonomy. You were born with a purpose and all the potential you’ll ever need. They are your birthright. Knowing who you really are and what you are truly capable of—at core—gives you the rock-solid foundation to live the best chapters of your life story, ever.

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New York Times bestselling author Dr. Keith Ablow developed Pain-2-Power as the culmination of decades of work with clients around the world who needed to find relief from emotional suffering, find their way past harmful relationships, leave addictions behind, discover their true gifts and travel their unique paths to empowerment. He became convinced that each of our lives is a story that makes complete sense and that is meant to end in happiness, fulfillment and success. He believes that periods of adversity—even profound suffering—cannot only be overcome, but also contain the seeds of profound personal transformation.

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Dr. Keith Ablow shares original insights meant to illuminate and inspire readers to live lives of self-knowledge, courage, compassion and purpose. He is the author of 16 books and over 1,000 columns published by The Washington Post, USA Today, Good Housekeeping, The New York Post, The New York Times, The Boston Herald, Discover, The Baltimore Sun, Newsweek and many other publications. He has appeared hundreds of times on the Today Show, Oprah, Good Morning America, CBS This Morning, Fox & Friends, 20/20 and a host of other programs.

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Dr. Keith Ablow

The Real Path to Emotional Strength and Personal Empowerment

You are meant to be powerful.  That power is encoded in your psychological and spiritual “DNA.”

Your natural state is real happiness, real self-esteem, real love for yourself and others and real success.

Pain-2-Power identifies the exact elements of your life story that have camouflaged your greatest gifts, hiding them beneath limiting patterns of emotion, thought and behavior.  That frees up whole reservoirs of power—very possibly more than you have ever known, or even more than you’ve ever imagined.  Then you can put that power to work for you, in the most productive, satisfying and enriching ways possible.



Pillars of Pain-2-Power

Life Coaching

One of the three central pillars of the Pain-2-Power life changing strategy is coaching. Keith collaborates with his clients to navigate today’s difficulties or limitations and then set plans in motion to achieve his clients’ dreams. It works. He has helped hundreds of men and women build bulletproof self-esteem, revitalize their relationships, express their core talents and enjoy whole new levels of success.


Another of the three central pillars of the Pain-2-Power life changing strategy is counseling. Every human being has lived through difficult chapters in his or her life story. We all experience painful or troubling events and emotional dynamics at some point in life that can fuel self-defeating patterns later in life. Keith helps decode what those events were and how they continue to limit his clients. This frees them to move forward in life free of those limits. Keith believes every one of us has a unique destiny. With insight into one’s soul and faith in the future, that destiny becomes clear and achievable.


The third pillar of the Pain-2-Power life changing strategy is mentoring. Keith doesn’t just coach and counsel and leave it up to his clients to implement the steps they hope, want and need to take, in order to bring their lives to new levels. He’s there for them as they take those steps, make the important decisions that come up along the way and then build upon the successes that flow naturally to them. He’s a true partner in the Pain-2-Power process, for every client.

“My life’s work is working out other people’s lives, alongside them.”

Dr. Keith Ablow, Founder, Pain-2-Power


Media Featuring Dr. Ablow

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