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God (or the Universe, if you prefer) created you for a particular journey, with a unique purpose and destiny in this life.  It is encoded not only in the double helix of your DNA, but in the infinite helix of your soul.  That is why becoming your true self—and manifesting the treasures that flow from it is a pure form of prayer, not an exercise of ego or a display of arrogance.

Why does this journey to the self-seem so daunting?  I believe the answer, at least in part, lies in the fear that we will be unacceptable or unloved or “unsuccessful” if we take it.  What assurance do we have that speaking our minds, expressing our love or pursuing our creative passions won’t leave us without “enough?”  Perhaps, we fear, we will be ridiculed for charting a course that leads to poverty.  Perhaps we will be ostracized.  Perhaps what we manifest will be imperfect or unworthy.  Perhaps we will look back and think of ourselves as foolish to have believed in our selves.

We are tempted to “buy” insurance by spending our time on endeavors more certain to win acclaim from others, success by the numbers and safety by following in lock step with expectations.

Faith, of course, is the antidote to needing insurance of any kind.  Faith would have us listen to the voices inside us, even when they only whisper about our truest path in this life.  But faith can be hard to come by when we encounter relationships and live through events that make us question whether we are worthwhile, whether we are loveable, whether we are deluding ourselves by believing in ourselves.  For all but a few, these imperfect paragraphs and pages and chapters of our life stories begin to unfold in childhood.  We struggle to find ourselves amidst the dynamics of family.  Some of the children and teachers and neighbors and friends we meet tell us, in one way or another, that expressing ourSELVES is risky business.  We live through events, including loss, that remind us the world can be a dangerous place that can break our hearts.  And we can easily forget that the preface to each of our stories—every one of us—has been edited for eons.  There are no mistakes.

Faith implies the willingness to experience pain on the path back to oneSELF.  The bread crumbs are there, but following them means exploring and understanding how we lost our way.  Yes, that can feel uncomfortable, but it is far less painful than you might imagine.  And it is, ultimately, essential, liberating and life-sustaining.

You were meant for this:  The ultimate journey to your core self.  Only that will do.  Only that will bring you home, safe and sound.



Dr. Keith Ablow


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