A great deal is made about accountability in the world of coaching, especially of executives.  That’s appropriate; delivering as planned and promised is a critical part of achieving milestones in any venture.  Following through on commitments sets the tone for any organization—whether it be a small business, a large corporation, one’s family, one’s community or a personal creative endeavor.

Pain-2-Power AAAccountability takes the idea a step further—tying it to self-Actualization and Authenticity.  Because, ultimately, you are accountable to yourSELF, in order to optimize your gifts and share them with others.  This level of accountability means you need to identify your most genuine goals and take the necessary steps to achieve them.

There is no question that doing what you say you will do, in excellent fashion, in a timely manner, will distinguish you in any environment.  But there is also a related question: In which environment will you be functioning most fluidly, without the inherent resistance your mind and heart will encounter if you are feeling your efforts are inherently misdirected?

If you align yourself with your authentic purpose in this life, then being accountable becomes a pure play.  Every step in the direction of achieving your goals feels good and right.  You’re then delivering for yourself, but also delivering your creative gifts to everyone who interacts with you.  That’s an enviable position to be in—and it’s the position YOU deserve to be in.

Pain-2-Power AAAccountability (tied to self-actualization and authenticity) also has an added dimension that fuels it.  Others have an inherent ability to determine whether what you are delivering—even when on time, on budget, as promised—has that immeasurable extra dimension of quality that can only be added to work that you truly love.  There’s no way to add that ingredient if you don’t create from your core.

You were meant for a mission in this life.  You have a purpose.  Pain-2-Power is designed to help you stay AAAccountable to it.

Dr. Keith Ablow


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