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Adversity is Part of the Plan

There’s a well-known part of The Old Testament in which God visits one plague after another upon Egypt because Pharaoh refuses to let the Israelites—who have been enslaved—leave the country.  It isn’t as if the plagues are surprise attacks.  Moses tells Pharaoh in no uncertain terms that his unwillingness to release the Israelites will result, for instance, in the Nile turning to blood and in swarms of locusts descending upon Egypt.  Yet, at the very same time as God is causing these plagues, He simultaneously makes Pharaoh so stubborn that he will not yield.

God does this in order to increase the resistance to His will, thus increasing the manifestations of it.  If he let Pharaoh give in after two plagues, then God’s awesome power would never be displayed in full.

There’s a lesson here for all of us, if we choose to embrace it:  Adversity is part of the plan.  God (or, if you don’t believe in God, substitute the Universe) orchestrates the hurdles we encounter, in order to let us discover and develop the courage and resourcefulness and compassion for self and for others we need to clear those hurdles.  A life without trials might seem the ideal one, but God seems to be saying that we would then be relatively weak, for life.  Seen this way, we’re all in God’s Gym.

What trials has God put in your way?  Which of them could you be using more fully to become the fullest, most robust incarnation of yourSELF?

Needless to say, life visits pain upon all of us.  Suffering is an inevitable part of being human.  But understanding the pain as part of God’s Gym might allow us to deal with it more productively—to fully expect to turn it into power.  Doing so requires remaining alert to opportunities for the alchemy to unfold, so that we can see the opportunity for the next, better business rising from the one that didn’t work, or the next better relationship forming with lessons gleaned from another, or the next better path of scientific inquiry emerging from the “failed” experiments that preceded it.

Seen this way, failure is part of the path to success.  Always.  Pain is the prelude to power. Always.  But it must, indeed, be seen this way.

You are indestructible.  Nothing can break you.  Nothing can stop you.  Because you are in God’s Gym.

Dr. Keith Ablow


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