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American Flag Ripped Down from Veteran-Owned Business

Sal DeFranco, a former Navy SEAL, knows all about Pain-2-Power.  He was injured while serving our country, yet returned to the United States and started his own business with his wife Dana.  That business is called Battle Grounds Coffee, which not only sells top-shelf coffee products online, but also operates a number of cafés featuring their brew.

One of the locations of Battle Grounds Coffee is in Newburyport, Massachusetts, which happens to be the birthplace of the U.S. Coast Guard, among other things.

DeFranco and his wife proudly hung an American flag outside their café, only to find it ripped down and on the ground in the morning, when the business opened.

“Like a lot of veterans and a lot of Americans, I’ve been heartbroken by some headlines of late,” Sal DeFranco told me.  “And then to see the flag defiled that way was gut-wrenching.  My wife and I want to believe it was thoughtless, kneejerk vandalism by teenagers or something.  But I also believe we have to take a stand as a couple, as members of this vibrant community in Newburyport and as Americans and say, ‘This is a wonderful country.  It affords people miraculous opportunities.  I was willing to die for it.  And it is time we all showed due respect for the good things about it.’”

For her part, Dana DeFranco is clearly undeterred by any ill-will someone might feel toward them or the flag or America.  “We have faced far worse together,” she said.  “And one thing we have resolved, again and again, is to never give up or stand down or hate anyone.  We have only become more and more committed to our marriage, our business, our employees and to the future as we have faced adversity.  This time is no different.  Maybe people hearing about our flag being ripped away from the façade of our store, which happens to sit squarely in one of the oldest retail districts anywhere in America, will galvanize some of their commitment to the ideals Sal fought for, too.”

I am buying a pound of Battle Grounds Coffee and a tee shirt at right now.  Because Sal DeFranco and Dana DeFranco and their business stand for the best in America and are shining examples of Pain-2-Power.

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