Posted: April 5, 2022 in: Pain-2-Power

Be Not Afraid

We are afraid of too much.  One of the things we fear is our own pain—so much of it rooted in early chapters of our life stories.  So we run from it.  And in running away, we experience anxiety.  We trip.  We fall.  We become despondent.  All those emotions make us panic more, so we lurch left and right, seeking goals that are not true to us, saying things that are not true to us, forming relationships that are not true to us.  If only we were to stop running and retrace our steps, with an open heart and mind, we would find out why we are fleeing from ourSELVES.  And learning about those early wounds would free us from guilt, from anger and from fear.  We would become the people we were meant to be from all time.  I discussed these themes—and more—with a brilliant interviewer, John Warren.  I hope you enjoy his podcast.

One response to “Be Not Afraid”

  1. Helene MacNeal says:

    Yes! I listened to the Podcast! It truly struck a nerve! Everything you said is so true! It felt as if you were speaking directly to me! Again, I Thak You for words that touch my soul!