Posted: December 21, 2020 in: Pain-2-Power, Faith, Personal Empowerment

Becoming YourSELF Can Save Your Life

More than ever before, forces are aligned around us that threaten to deprive us of our autonomy.  These include the intrusion of technology which can encourage us to create fictional narratives suitable for easy posting on Facebook, government actions which seek to empower the state and disempower individuals, the urgings of those who suggest freezing in place (physically and psychologically) during COVID-19 and the ever-present threat of addiction to substances including alcohol and marijuana.

The impact of any one of these forces, let alone the collective impact of all of them together (and others), threatens our capacity to think and act independently.  But it also threatens our very lives.  The manipulation of the health care delivery system and the information streaming forth from it means—more than ever—that preserving your health requires assessing threats to it yourSELF, along with your trusted advisors.  The manipulation of the political system means—more than ever—that individuals who want to avoid needless wars and not be victimized by violent crime in their own neighborhoods must use their own resources to ensure their safety.  The manipulation of the economy and our currency means—more than ever—that individuals who want to preserve their wealth need to educate themselves about alternative assets.

Becoming yourSELF is the best antidote to all the threats around us—threats that could literally cost any one of us his or her life—because each of us has the capacity to reflect, to identify what seems to be most truthful and to act in accordance with that truth.  This capacity is the literal antidote to the economic, psychological, political and physical threats to our existence that now gather around us.

It is time to immunize yourself against this pandemic of disempowerment.  Working with me and Pain-2-Power is one way.  But whatever way you choose to begin . . . begin.

Dr. Keith Ablow


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