Being “Into YourSELF” Isn’t Bad, at All

When someone is criticized as being “into himself” or “into herself” that’s usually a way of accusing that person of being narcissistic and lacking concern for others.  While that might be true in the cliché usage of the words, I think there’s a better way to frame them—especially when yourself is written as yourSELF—the way I write it at Pain-2-Power.

Being into yourSELF is actually the opposite of narcissism because the SELF is connected to God.  It isn’t some hyperbolic manifestation of an overactive ego.  Being “into yourSELF,” in the Pain-2-Power way means communing with your God-given talents, thoughts, autonomy and freedom so that you are learning about and expressing your gifts.  Seen this way, each of us is like a farmer tilling the rich soil of SELF and harvesting what grows from it—not to feed one’s ego, but to share the harvest as much as possible.

Are you a painter who hasn’t truly invested your time and attention into your art?  It’s time to be more into yourSELF.  Are you a parent who knows in your heart of hearts that you’re shortchanging your family and yourSELF by spending all your time at work?  It’s time to be more into yourSELF.  Are you a born teacher who switched to a job in sales only because you felt the money was better, but now realize you feel a lot worse?  It’s time to be more into yourSELF.

See, the narcissistic version of being into yourself is the precise opposite of the Pain-2-Power version. Narcissism is a way of evading your true self through inflating yourself like a balloon and floating away.  Pain-2-Power is a way of grounding yourself so that you can manifest what you truly value most and truly have to offer those around you—whether in your family, your neighborhood, your town, your state, your country or all over the world.

Interesting, isn’t it, that only by being grounded in the SELF can you hope for your gifts to improve the lives of others whether nearby or oceans away?  Only by being anchored in your true SELF can you be at one with God and able to harness His incalculable power.

Maybe that’s where words and phrases like “overblown” and “out of her mind” and “head in the clouds” come from.  To make one’s gifts or love “go viral” means shoring up one’s core.  Get into your-true-SELF and you won’t be limited, at all.  Because your core is the portal to the whole universe.

Dr. Keith Ablow

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