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Can I Really Believe That “Voice” Telling Me I Have a Destiny?

I have worked with many clients who aren’t at all sure what their calling is.  Often, we find the answer by looking at parts of their early life stories that they have “buried.” Maybe a sincere interest that deserves to be resurrected was initially ridiculed or simply not supported by others.  Maybe a deep desire to become an entrepreneur that has real merit was shaken loose when a devastating business reversal shook one’s family of origin.  Just as often, however, my clients have told me that they “know” what they ought to be pursuing, but don’t quite “believe” it.  They doubt the insistent “voice” that keeps suggesting they really could make a go of a business, that they really could write a screenplay or novel, that they really could go back to school to study the law and make a significant contribution to the field, that they really could market the inventions they’ve sketched out.

Here’s are a few of my key messages about such inner voices.  I hope they help you believe them:

  • Not everyone hears these inner voices (or has these intuitions) about what they could become or what they could accomplish. If you do, they are a gift from God (or the Universe, if you prefer).


  • The voices are not random or foolish. They are clues to a path or paths forward in your life.  They may be clues to the path forward.


  • You’re not the only one who needs you to listen to your inner voices. We’re all depending on you becoming you—the person you were meant to be from all time.  We need the gifts you can manifest during your life, whether a piece of art or an invention or a scientific idea or a special talent for teaching or a new way of approaching a business or the family you decide to create, even later in life.


  • You don’t need to quit your job or invest a fortune or open an art gallery to start honoring your inner voices. Take a step.  One step.  If your intuition tells you that you might be a novelist, then get a book on how to write a novel.  Or write the summary of one.  Or take a class about writing one.  If your intuition tells you that your new idea for delivering health care might be a worthy one, reach out to one person who would know.  Get some advice.  If your intuition tells you that you could make a significant contribution to the law, find out what it would take to study law—maybe at night, maybe over the course of five years.  Just begin.  If your intuition tells you that you could start a company far more transformational than the one you work at, start writing the business case or creating a deck that describes your vision.

It may seem strange to have to say it, but you can believe in yourSELF.  It is the collection and distillation not only of the myriad of events you have lived through in your life, but the entire history of DNA and RNA on this planet (no kidding), manifested in a unique way in YOU and in no one else.

So, get real.  Really, YOU.  And get going—one step at a time.  If you need some help, I’m here.


Dr. Keith Ablow


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