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Keith’s blog is a collection of powerful insights to help you achieve emotional wellness and personal empowerment. To complement and expand on these insights check out the Pain-2-Power YouTube channel and Dr. Keith’s Pain-2-Power Podcast.

Natural Remedies

A Startling Fact About Mental Health and Natural Remedies

Pharmaceutical companies keep coming out with one drug after another for depression and anxiety, generating massive profits.  Some of these medications are profoundly effective.  But the storm of new medications misses one crucial fact:  Supplements, when properly selected, can be just as effective for low mood, anxiety, low energy or lack of focus as medications—and […]

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Who Needs You to be a Knight Today

I have heard enough stories in my nearly three decades talking with people about their deepest concerns and most treasured goals to know that every one of us has someone in our lives who could use a knight today.  I know that sounds a little bit like a Hallmark card, but I don’t mean it […]

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Ashwaganda for Mood, Memory—and More

Ashwaganda is an ancient medicinal herb known to fight inflammation via its high concentration of molecules called withanolides. Ashwaganda has been shown in scientific studies to reduce cortisol.  Increased levels of cortisol are associated with feelings of stress and anxiety.  In fact, when people in one scientific study used ashwaganda supplements, their anxiety and insomnia […]

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Pain-2-Power: A Lost and Found Department for . . . True Potential

I’ve decided Pain-2-Power is a little like a lost and found department for . . . well . . . people and the best of their potential.  It is part of the human condition that our gifts are often difficult to deploy once we live through childhood, adolescence, teenage years and, then, into adulthood.  Psychologically […]

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I briefly mentioned Curcumin (the main active ingredient in the spice turmeric) in a previous blog, but it deserves its own because of how powerful it can be. Back in 2013, a randomized, double blind scientific study looked at how curcumin fared against the antidepressant Prozac in relieving symptoms of depression.  Amazingly, at the end […]

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But, Right Now, This Moment, Things are Okay . . .

Coronavirus, protests against prejudice, political infighting and widespread economic uncertainty are all contributing to surging levels of stress across America and around the world.  Headlines invade our peace of mind.  Powerful and negative narratives threaten to carry us away with them. Faced with such forces, there is one simple tool that many people can use […]

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Supplements for Personal Performance ~ Bacopa

One of the gifts from my having built Pain-2-Power is that one focus of the platform is the use of supplements to improve energy, increase mood and decrease anxiety.  There are a number of very powerful, all natural, well-tested supplements that do just that.  This blog will focus on Bacopa, which is also known as […]

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Researchers in Germany have confirmed and added new data to an amazing finding that has implications for learning.  It also points out how astoundingly powerful some natural remedies can be for memory, mood, anxiety, sleep, attention and energy. Scents are Powerful Brain Modulators Here’s the basic idea:  The brain responds to odors in very powerful […]

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Natural Supplements Are Powerful Mood Enhancers and Anxiety Reducers

The Ablow Center offers a unique and powerful combination of life coaching and spiritual counseling.  At the same time, I have devised unique protocols of natural supplements to increase mood, reduce anxiety, increase focus and improve sleep. Prior to founding The Ablow Center I wrote several books that talked about the power of psychotherapy, sometimes […]

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