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A Short Guide on How to Love

A Short Guide on How to Love is an ambitious title for a blog, but there are essential elements of love that can truly fuel it.  Here are the three key elements: Know that person’s life story. Listen to that person as unerringly as possible, as often as possible. Stand beside that person in the […]

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How to Love Someone

How to Love Someone is a pretty heady title for a 600 word blog, but there are some elements of love too often forgotten.  Here are the three steps: Know the person’s life story. Listen to the person as unerringly as possible, as often as possible. Stand beside the person in the face of adversity. […]

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Too often, self-love is confused with an unwieldy ego or a pathological degree of narcissism.  In fact, genuine self-love is the opposite of those.  That’s because loving your true self means burrowing to the core of who you actually are—which values you hold dear, which goals you cherish, which talents you most need to express, […]

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A Surgeon’s View of Trouble

Whether running a business, writing a novel or creating anything else, a surgical perspective is sometimes the one that makes the most sense. Surgeons aren’t timid people.  They know a few things: Restoring a body to health can require very bold and decisive action to get rid of its toxic parts. Having to go back […]

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THE FIRST STEP:  Describe one or more areas in which you feel you could be more effective as a parent. When it comes to using Pain-2-Power as parents, the First Step is one in which you ask yourself, what is it we you most want to change about your relationship with your child or children?  It isn’t […]

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How to Learn from Past, Imperfect Romantic Relationships

Acknowledging or examining past failures in relationships is daunting for a few reasons.  First, pride gets in the way.  We’d like to believe that we were just unlucky in love, or victims of love gone awry. The truth is, however, that we are always deeply involved in the success or lack of success of relationships. We’re […]

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You Can Become More Powerful Than Ever

You can be more powerful than ever.  These are more than pretty words.  They’re the truth.  How can I be so sure?  For one thing, if you’re still reading this, you’re not convinced it is impossible to become stronger than you have ever been.  Were you, you wouldn’t have even gotten past the title.  You […]

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Why, the much-maligned three-letter word, is actually one of the most powerful cognitive tools we have at our disposal. Sure, as kids we’re sometimes shut down for asking Why? too many times, about everything. Little Joey: Why are we going to the store? Dad: We ran out of coffee. Little Joey: Why? Dad: Well, we […]

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Beginning in 2015, I began publishing a list of ways to improve your life. Last year I published, “Twenty Ways to Improve Your Life in 2020.” The year before that I published “Nineteen Ways to Improve Your Life in 2019.” You get the idea. The tradition continues this year, with the addition of No. 21. […]

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