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Clearing Out Resistors in the Circuitry of Your Mind

Finding success and happiness in life isn’t just about the amount of energy you devote to relationships, work and creative projects.  Energy is needed, of course.  But there’s another factor to consider:  What sort of resistance is in the way of your best intentions.

We all have this resistance.  If you think of your mind as an intricate network of circuits, there are mental resistors in the way of your optimal performance.  Try powering up your life without removing the resistors, and you might generate a lot of heat, without much forward momentum.

Where did these resistors come from?

From living our lives.  We’re born to explore and dream and express ourselves.  Then, we encounter suboptimal or truly painful or actually traumatic events that make us wary, make us deny our feelings, make us bury some of our dreams and make us second-guess our intuitions and instincts.  It’s like we’re born as Ferraris and end up at 20- or 30- or 50-years-old needing to discover that there have been “governors” or “speed limitors” added to the engine when we weren’t aware of it.  No wonder we’re not accelerating the way we were built to.

I designed Pain-2-Power to remove the resistors from the circuitry of your mind.


First, by identifying them through examining how the narrative of your life has unfolded.  P2P opens the early chapters of your life story and examines that story right through to today, finding the self-defeating messaging and suboptimal patterns of emotion, thought and behavior that found their way into the “engine” of your heart, mind and soul.

Second, P2P removes those resistors by using your own inborn ability to think, reason and feel—to SEE how current has been wasted on creating heat (and not enough light) in your life and how it can and should really be flowing freely.

Third, P2P provides the mentoring to actually USE that energy to get what you deserve and want and need out of life—loving relationships, surging self-esteem, more and more success doing what you want to be doing.

Sound too good to be true.  It isn’t.  It’s the way things are supposed to be.  It’s your birthright.  Human beings are supposed to be free of self-doubt, free of self-defeating patterns, with genuine self-esteem that leads to success in all aspects of existence.  Does that take work?  Yes.  Is it well worth it?  100 percent.  It is the most important journey you can take in life—the journey to yourSELF.

Are you ready or is resistance still holding you back?

Dr. Keith Ablow


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