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Commit to Living Your Most Powerful Life This Memorial Day

Today, as America remembers its fallen soldiers, who died defending liberty, I can’t help thinking that they died in service to the opportunity each and every one of us has to become SELF-actualized.  Without liberty, our ideals and ideas and inspirations would be choked off; we couldn’t become the people we were meant—by God or the Universe—to be.

Seen this way, the men and women who fought and died at Normandy, in our quest to free the world from the horrors of The Third Reich, were fighting and dying to give you and me the opportunity we have today and every day to manifest as much of the good within us as we possibly can.  On D-day alone more than 53,000 American soldiers died. Casualties topped 200,000.  In an almost unfathomable scene that will always make me think of God parting the Red Sea to allow the Hebrew people to escape slavery in Egypt, the waters near the shores of Omaha and Utah beaches, where American forces landed, turned red with blood.  Could there be any more stark symbol of the sacrifice made by Americans to bring forth the truth about how deeply the human soul yearns for freedom from tyranny—for the freedom to be?

During World War II, we lost 416,000 heroic Americans.  In World War I, we lost more than 116,000.  In Vietnam, over 58,000 Americans gave their lives.  Over 33,000 died in the Korean War.  All told, more than 1,260,000 Americans have died in wars.  The pain they and their loved ones experienced fighting for your right to live in freedom and my right to live in freedom—and all of our children’s and their children’s—is an eternal example of how much pain human beings will endure in service to making it possible for each of us to fully express him- or herSELF.

You are imbued with a destiny to fulfill in life and with the God-given instinct to live with purpose.  That is what our men and women died for in war and that is what every member of the Armed Forces serving today—or who has ever served—is fighting for or has fought for.  For freedom.  For YOU and ME, in the fullest incarnations imaginable.

On this Memorial Day, may you commit to becoming your true and full SELF.  Then your life will be a tribute to every life lost by American men and women brave and true enough to serve on the ground, in the air or at sea.


Dr. Keith Ablow


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