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Nothing is impossible.  Period.  There is nothing from which to run.  You can not only overcome the hurdles in your way, not only conquer low mood or anxiety or self-doubt or lack of focus, but also tap the fuel inside you to reach new heights of self-expression and success.  That’s what Pain-2-Power is all about.

Pain-2-Power isn’t magic; it’s the way the human mind actually works.  The parts of your personal or professional life (or that of your family or your business) that aren’t optimal—the ones that weigh on you—are actually signposts.  Solve the riddle of your pain, and you will uncover your power.  You just need someone skilled at navigating that journey alongside you.

Pain-2-Power has helped clients from many states and many foreign countries, from ages 15 to 85, and from every walk of life—entrepreneurs, CEOs, physicians, artists, journalists, professional athletes and elected officials (including some of the most powerful leaders in the world).  The system is engineered to quickly decipher what each individual needs to understand about him- or herself, in order to win in every possible way.

“Your story matters, and Pain-2-Power is the way to perfect it.  This is alchemy for the soul that turns trials into triumphs to completely transform your life.”

Dr. Keith Ablow, Founder, Pain-2-Power

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Pain-2-Power was 25 years in the making.

Even during medical school at Johns Hopkins and psychiatry training at Tuft/New England Medical Center, Dr. Ablow was becoming aware that people were living in denial; they were hiding from painful experiences in the recent or more distant past.  Their attempts to run away from reality left them with low mood, anxiety, overeating or restrictive eating, overspending, alcohol and drug abuse, troubled relationships and many other forms of suffering.

As Dr. Ablow worked with clients from all over the world, he became more and more convinced that only when people were helped to turn around and face their pain did they tap into reservoirs of real power to heal and perform at whole new levels in life.  He learned that every serious challenge in life has within it seeds of courage.  Every heartfelt loss in life has within it the seeds of love for others and for oneself.  Every tear shed literally waters fertile ground in which to grow stronger.  Every defeat has the code for a comeback within it.

When profound adversity visited Dr. Ablow in his own life, he used that adversity to crystallize and perfect the ideas behind the Pain-2-Power healing system.  Now, he can share its secrets with you, so that you, too, can find health, happiness and the success you deserve.



Key Benefits of Pain-2-Power

Find Your
Core Power

Pain-2-Power erases self-doubt and delivers a clear view of oneself as unique individual, with an important purpose in life and the passion to achieve it.

Achieve Whole New
Levels of Success

Pain-2-Power ends the self-defeating cycle of running from reality—even the painful parts (especially those). It reclaims and refocuses all that wasted energy on achieving an individual’s true underlying goals and dreams.

Revitalize Your Personal and Professional Relationships

Pain-2-Power brings new levels of honesty, trust, self-love and love for others into your romance or marriage, friendships, relationships with parents or children and relationships with siblings. In the workplace, it sets the stage for honest, direct, powerful communication.

Improve Your Mood

Pain-2-Power improves mood by freeing you to see your past for what it really was, to accept all facets of it and to clearly identify how to move forward with confidence. It reunites you with your true self, the ideal personal platform for happiness.

Decrease Your Anxiety and Increase Your Focus

Running from the truth about your life causes anxiety, because a race against reality cannot be won—and you know this, deep inside. The race is also the ultimate distraction. Pain-2-Power dissolves anxiety and increases concentration by helping you understand, accept and then derive power from every page of your life story.

Be Resilient

With Pain-2-Power, tomorrow’s challenges and even setbacks won’t look as daunting because you’ll look squarely at them, have no inclination to run from them and be prepared to keep fighting, until you overcome them.

“Can one system of life coaching and counseling actually achieve all these benefits? Absolutely. Why? Because the human attempt to avoid looking at painful realities is the mind’s most formidable adversary. Once defeated, our weaknesses fall like dominos, and our strengths come naturally, inevitably and powerfully to the surface.”

Dr. Keith Ablow, Founder, Pain-2-Power


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