Posted: August 6, 2020 in: Pain-2-Power, Personal Empowerment

Could Your Life Improve in a Big Way in Just Eight Hours?

Life is complex.  Yet, a targeted approach to changing your existence can yield tremendous benefits in just eight hours.

How?  Narrative.  All of us are stories.  The nature of human beings is that when we encounter painful relationships or events in childhood, adolescence or adulthood we can try to psychologically dodge and weave our way around a gripping understanding of those relationships or events.  We create no-go zones in our psyches to avoid wandering into these areas of scorched psychological earth.  And that restricts our access to incredibly powerful emotional/intellectual qualities like resilience, creative problem solving, courage and faith.  Because if we shackle those qualities in one domain, we are not free to use them in others.

That’s why a focused process of getting a complete grasp of one’s entire life story, without dodging or weaving around anything, can free up massive supplies of energy, reverse negative patterns that have silently taken root in your life and remove resistors to forward momentum.

Is it really that straightforward?  Yes.

Does it take years?  We aren’t talking here about those who struggle with major depression or severe panic disorder.  So, the answer is “no.”  In fact, in 8 focused hours, using Pain-2-Power 1:1 counseling/coaching and tools, plenty of the work can get done, with huge gains in insight, energy, creative vision and confidence.

Why would it work?  Because having SELF-possession aligns you with immeasurable forces in the world—truly miraculous reserves of synergy and synchronicity—that you can only tap into when you are authentic and willing to SEE anything and everything, not burying your head and heart in the sand.

When you are ready and have 8 hours, contact [email protected] or call 978-462-1125.

Dr. Keith Ablow


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