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Countering Disempowering Messages from Government

Now, maybe more than ever in this country, messaging from many quarters of government is contrary to the Pain-2-Power philosophy.  Stated simply that philosophy is:  Boldly pursue your true SELF and true goals, being willing and even eager to confront the discomfort of doing so, in order to become the strongest you can be.  Government seems to be saying:  Rely on us for your decision-making and your very survival.  Your SELF will lead you astray.

Given the disconnect between the prevailing narrative from political leaders currently in power, this is an extraordinarily perilous time for individuality, self-esteem and personal achievement.  Said another way, it is an incredibly perilous time for liberty.  Now, more than ever, a countervailing narrative to that being promulgated by the federal government is needed.  Pain-2-Power aims to continue providing such a narrative.

In what ways has the government attacked individuality and autonomy?  Here are a few:

  • Severely curtailing rights to private property by insisting landlords have no right to collect rent from those who can pay, but choose not to, and have no right to evict those who choose not to.
  • Insisting that individuals accept as fact certain scientific theories related to Covid prevention and treatment, when the theories are unproven.
  • Insisting new forms of identification, such as proof of vaccination, be used to enter private businesses, such as restaurants in New York City.
  • Arresting, conducting raids upon the premises of, and/or removing the professional licenses or otherwise attempting to destroy professionals (particularly physicians) who practice medicine according to the dictates of their understandings of science and healing.
  • Legalizing marijuana without any significant public information campaign or treatment strategies to address the dangers of overusing marijuana.
  • Launching IRS, FBI or other investigations to target politicians or other leaders deemed to be out of step with “group think.”
  • Failing to rein in technology companies that suppress free speech.
  • Failing to protect the first and second amendment rights of Americans.

These examples aren’t all that I could list, by any means.  Taken together, however, they should make it clear that a passive posture in attempting to remain strong and autonomous won’t suffice.  A proactive plan and posture—leaning into the storm—is the way to not be swept away by it.

I believe Pain-2-Power is a platform that offers elements of such a proactive plan and posture.  There are others, of course.  Stoicism is a philosophy, for example, that informs parts of Pain-2-Power and readings on stoicism abound.

What are some other ways to stay strong when the government wants you to be weak?

Meditation:  Meditation settles chaotic thoughts and allows the self to “speak.”

A Fitness Routine: Being grounded in one’s body makes it harder for Facebook and the like to substitute profiles or “likes” for personhood or respect.

Owning a Firearm:  Exercising one’s second amendment rights is becoming part and parcel of self-sufficiency.

Pursuing One’s Heartfelt Goals:  When the government pays you not to work and not to think and suggests its just fine to get high and stay high, one antidote is to work hard on what truly matters to you.

Using Those Remedies and Supplements that YOU Deem Effective:  Barring the use of dangerous medicines or supplements, many exist that are exceedingly unlikely to do any harm and might do a lot of good when suffering with Covid or many other conditions.

There are other elements of the Pain-2-Power prescription, but getting started with one or more of these five is what this doctor recommends.

Dr. Keith Ablow

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