Posted: March 25, 2021 in: Pain-2-Power

A Country without Borders is like a Body with Cancer

No nation can survive without borders.  Obliterate them and a nation is stricken with a kind of cancer.  Remember, the main problem with cancer cells is that they have no respect for boundaries.  Pancreatic cancer invades adjacent structures, its cells using the blood stream and creeping along nerves to seed distant organs.  Errant cells appear in the lungs and choke off breathing.  They travel to the brain and interfere with thought and speech and action.

The immune system that responds when the life of the nation is in peril must be vigorous.  It must include all the antibodies at its disposal.  First among these is truth.  Facts matter:  An MRI that shows cancer has spread must not be denied.  Evidence that our borders have been overrun must not be denied, either.  A health crisis is a health crisis.  A crisis at the border is a crisis at the border.

Our laws are part of our national immune system, too, just as antibodies are part of the body’s immune system.  They must function.

Our spirit as a nation—based in our love of liberty—is also crucial.  Because in an immeasurable way that science will never explain away, loving oneself and loving life and having the will to live is a powerful and indispensable component of surviving and healing from an illness.  And it is no different for a nation.  A nation without its core spirit continuing to fuel a deep will to live is in dire peril.

Here’s part of the prescription to restore America:  Reinforce the borders, re-fund the police anywhere they have been defunded, remind other nations that invading us in any way (physically or technologically or economically) would be a misadventure of the gravest kind.  Oh—also restore public confidence in elections, lest the public lose hope.  Losing hope is fatal to the future of a country or a culture.


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Dr. Keith Ablow


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