Posted: January 5, 2022 in: Pain-2-Power

Do Not Go Virtually Into that Dark Night

In case you haven’t noticed (which would be an even worse situation than I think we’re in), Big Tech has come for you.  Like, entirely.  Google, Facebook (Meta), Twitter, Instagram, Apple, Microsoft, Verizon (yes, wireless carriers have been violating your privacy, pirating your data and selling it, too) and a host of other companies intend to turn you into nothing other than an automaton from whom they can profit.

How are they achieving this?  By coaxing you to comment and opt into things that define you, they are offering you more and more polarizing content, in order to become irresistible purveyors of words, images and messages that galvanize your attention and trigger your participation and, ultimately, sell you things that appeal to the “avatarized” version of the full-blooded, discerning, free person you once were.  The idea isn’t that you will create an avatar to navigate the metaverse with; the idea is that, ultimately, you will be your avatar—and the Apples, Microsofts, Googles and Facebooks of the world will be the ones programming you.

What good will owning you be?  Well, for one thing, you won’t vie for a share of power in the world.  The tech giants and government officials who intend to pith you like a frog and leave you breathing, with a scrambled brain, will see to that.  But, also, you will be a properly programmed consumer—being medicated for things you are programmed to fear, being immunized against any number of threats (some very real and others not), being driven where you “think” you want to go (which will actually be motivated by algorithms that tempt you to go get dinner or go to the gym) by self-driving vehicles that will reward you with goodies or animated prizes for approving different destinations than you “thought” you wanted to travel to.

See, free will is an unwieldy variable for those intent on profiting from you.  Your ability to think for yourself and choose for yourself is terribly inconvenient for those who want to market goods and services to you and make certain you’re a buyer or, at minimum, a “willing” recipient of what’s being proffered.

Also inconvenient for Big Tech in its unhealthy alliance with Big Government (hereafter, BIG) is your ability to think freely and communicate your thoughts freely.  That’s why you’re seeing Facebook shut people down or, better said, turn them off as punishment for expressing their opinions.  Those who go along to get along (liberal Democrat, woke robots already uncertain whether gender is defined by anatomy and DNA) are already the avatars that BIG needs them to be.  Oppose that insane view, and you will be targeted for destruction.

You had better start immunizing yourself from this pan-pithing.  Meditate to be at home in your soul.  Pray to be at one with God.  Work out to be at home in your body.  Get physical therapy not only to deal with injuries, but to learn how to stand up straight and resist being disembodied by BIG.  Get a dog or a cat so that you’re reminded that not everything can be programmed—yet.  Get outside to walk the dog or down on the floor to play with the cat.  Buy a piece of art that you love.  Fall in love with another human being.  Figure out how to have great sex.  And, I never would have thought I would write this as a prescription of sorts:  Watch MMA matches to see men bleed (right, MEN; MMA matches between women are absurd and part of woke nonsense meant to neuter all of us).

In other words, Do Not Go Virtually Into that Dark Night.

Dr. Keith Ablow

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