Don’t Trade Your Personal Power for the Pleasure, Distraction and “Safety”

One thing that has been highlighted by the testimony of Facebook and Twitter executives before Congress and from the documentary The Social Dilemma is the fact that we—our habits, likes and dislikes, relationships, travel habits, etc.—are being monetized by big technology companies that harvest that data and sell it to third parties.  Those third parties—including retailers and causes—then use the data to further monetize us by selling us things.  The data is also used by nefarious actors on the world stage to try to throttle our voices and limit our freedom of speech and freedom of assembly.

What do WE get out of Facebook and Twitter?  Well, mostly we get distracted.  We get hits of dopamine from our own central nervous system when we “click” or “post” or get “likes” or “Tweet.”

It’s all a little neat and tidy the way this seems to dovetail so perfectly with marijuana (and, now, other drugs) being legalized and taxed by so many states.  I am not saying drugs should be illegal, mind you.  Let’s leave that discussion for another day.  I am saying that the state has no business being in the drug business by taxing mind-altering substances.  Because that means the state has a vested interest in getting people high—kind of the way social networks have a vested interest in scraping out all our data and selling us to third parties.

Marijuana was sold to millions of people over the past many decades without anyone I know dying of marijuana toxicity. So, the states could simply legalize it and not have a hand in it.  We don’t need them to play politics with who gets licenses for marijuana distribution centers.  We don’t need them having a vested interest in getting people high because they get money when people buy “weed.”

Then, there’s the weaponizing of the pandemic by the state—with some “leaders” arguing that government should be able to supervise gatherings in our own homes and dictate terms about those gatherings.  Turn over your rights and decision-making ability to the state, and you’ll be safer.  You can live without stress.  Just follow along.

Hasn’t anyone noticed that fighting the pandemic by not surrendering our autonomy, independence and freedoms is a war worth losing some lives.  We lost 291,557 lives in World War II, refusing to yield to Hitler.  Seventy to 85 million people around the world died.  Did we do all that just to give up our right to free speech to a piece of RNA and elements of government that seem intent on taking control of our lives with the false promise of freedom from a disease?

As the Founder of Pain-2-Power, I must remind you to be very careful to not trade your autonomy for pleasure, distraction or safety.  You are going to be asked to do so, again and again, over the coming months and years. Say no whenever you can.  There’s a war being waged by those who wish to own you.  Make no mistake about it.

Dr. Keith Ablow


2 responses to “Don’t Trade Your Personal Power for the Pleasure, Distraction and “Safety””

  1. Keith Ablow says:

    Agreed. I worry about cannabis and its effects on the brain, including potentially being de-motivating for many people (though not all). But I don’t think the government need be involved with it in any way at all.

  2. frank j poppie III says:

    Decriminalized cannabis would be a better scenario it would end any government intervention and or taxes that feed a inept and bumbling system.