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Dr. Keith Ablow on Founding The Ablow Center

For more than 25 years, I provided concierge-level psychiatry services to adults and adolescents across the United States and around the world. Other than the use of medications, the heart of that work was helping my clients look at their lives honestly and replace unhealthy patterns of behavior, thought and emotion with ones that were empowering. That remains a key to defeating low mood, anxiety, sleeplessness, addiction, overeating and many other problems.

But it wasn’t until I faced a professional crisis of my own that I fully integrated a missing piece in healing the mind and soul and allowing people to dramatically improve their lives. And that piece is all about developing spiritual certainty that being healthy and reaching one’s full potential is not only possible, but inevitable—that the disappointments and pain we encounter in life are meant to strengthen us, never to destroy us. I needed to develop that faith myself, through meditation, prayer and extensive study at the interface of psychology, philosophy and religion.

I now know that each of us has a sacred purpose in life and has the power to achieve it. Yet that purpose and power can be obscured by confusing or traumatic events and relationships, whether in childhood, adolescence or adulthood. Restoring a person’s full potential in life—for emotional stability and self-esteem and love and success—depends on three critical elements of healing:

1) Helping clients rid themselves of self-defeating “scripts” or “mental software,” written into their minds during earlier life experiences.

2) Building the spiritual certainty in clients that each and every one of us deserves to be strong and to achieve our God-given purpose in life.

3) Embarking, together, step-by-step on the path to true self-actualization.

That is my life’s work. I don’t practice psychiatry, any longer. I have developed a unique blend of pastoral counseling, life coaching and mentoring that has the potential to transform your existence. Together, I believe we can not only defeat low mood or anxiety or addiction, but overcome any of your limitations, revitalize your relationships and set the stage for truly phenomenal levels of personal growth and success.

Let’s get started.

Dr. Keith Ablow


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One response to “Dr. Keith Ablow on Founding The Ablow Center”

  1. Wendy Tuck says:

    I found the most powerful advice in your book was to look unflinchingly at the truth of the pain in our lives. So many “spiritual” teachers want to skip that step, pretty it up, or say it wasn’t that bad. You gave me permission to look at the pain in my life full on- eyes open, heart not cringing, but to become a relentless diver for the truth. Uncover lies, half- truths. See things as they were, for what they were, bare, plain, sometimes brutal. I thought facing that kind of evil and destruction in my life, at the hands of those who loved me, would destroy me. It didn’t. You said the treasure would be in the spot we stand on, and I believe that. You told me the truth would set me free- and by golly, it about killed me, but nothing else, nothing less than the full honest truth would have worked. I learned to call a spade a spade, and I learned I could stand up no matter what. Call it philosophy or religion, study, faith, whatever you want. For me, your insistence on looking fully at the very real pain in our lives, how it got there, what we made of it, was the gold. Thank you for your relentless courage in facing the real, the true, and coming thru it to wholeness.