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Easter is, of course, a time of resurrection marking Jesus’ return from the dead.

To me, resurrection is one of the most powerful concepts imaginable.  For most of us, in smaller or greater ways, we experience metaphorical death, before our days on this planet are over.  Our vision of who we are in the world and how our life stories will continue to unfold often meets with such massive challenges that we feel like we are experiencing the death of our plans, dreams or potential.  So stifling can such feelings be that we can feel as though our very existence is threatened or has—in terms of our significance—come to an end.

This can happen to people who experience the death of loved ones (including, by the way, pets), or who lose their jobs (or assets or businesses) or who lose their marriages or suffer through terrible trauma or who live through illnesses that change them profoundly—whether physically, psychologically or both.

Here is my Easter message to every one of you who may be in such a position:  Resurrection awaits you, in this lifetime.  Believe it, and it will be so.  Without exception.  It has been true in my life—more than once, by the way —and it will be true in yours.  Faith is the antidote to feeling forever lost.

At the core of resurrection is forgiveness—of others, but also of ourselves.  Yes, we make mistakes and hurt ourselves.  Yes, we are vulnerable to aggression from others.  Yes, we can take twists and turns amidst the labyrinth of life that leave us feeling too exhausted to take another step.  But consider this when the courage to go on is in short supply:  One step after another in this labyrinth called life always leads to the center.  Always.  Even a tiny step counts.  There is no limit to how many small efforts can be put forth, in order to be reborn, in this lifetime.  You can even fall back, sometimes, then move forward, again—and again.

Seen this way, life is not an unending series of pages constituting one life story.  It is a set of volumes constituting life after life after life.  Hope springs eternal.  Your best days will be ahead of you, if you believe they will and act on your belief.  And I hope this is worth something:  I believe you would not be reading this piece of writing, to the last words, if resurrection were not in the offing for you.  And I believe it with every fiber of my being.


Dr. Keith Ablow


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