Posted: November 2, 2020 in: Faith, Pain-2-Power, Personal Empowerment

Even Vampires Deserve Empathy

Vampires are, of course, those unholy creatures that lurk in the night thirsting for the blood of others.  Avoiding vampires is, therefore, a very good idea.  And no one would willingly join their ranks by volunteering to be bitten.  Yet hating vampires doesn’t make sense, either, because they were once alive, until they became victims themselves.

This dichotomy—that vampires can drain the life out of you, but didn’t choose their fate or their thirst—makes them a pretty good metaphor for lots of the really dangerous people you will meet in life.

You will meet them.  There will be those who try to make you trade your autonomy for their affection or “love” (which it can’t be, of course).  There will be those who try to distract you from meeting your needs with unending, bottomless needs of their own.  There will be those who take your ideas or argue you should abandon your ideals, in exchange for their camaraderie or their company.  There will be those who promise to partner with you, but are really only with you to be fed one thing or another.

Then there are those who want to take your God-given rights from you.  There are those who want you to surrender your liberty.

These vampires can metaphorically kill off parts of you—or try very hard to—as though it will keep their feet on the ground, albeit as the living dead.

Never surrender your life blood to these vampires.  Do anything you can to avoid them.  But also remember, someplace deep in your soul, that vampires were once-bitten themselves.  They were emptied of their love for life and love of self by events that transpired in their own once-vital existences.  They didn’t want to become vampires.  No one does.

That’s why even vampires deserve empathy.

There’s a little alchemical secret here, by the way.  When you refuse to hate vampires, when you pray for them, when you strive to see the humanity in them and help them see it, too, then some of them—maybe only a small minority—will be reborn.  Their marrow will miraculously start generating their own blood, again.

One more secret:  When you refuse to hate vampires—when you protect yourself from them, but resist hating them and, instead, empathize with them—you may develop immunity to them, such that your own marrow is infinitely productive of life force.

Dr. Keith Ablow


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