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How Long Should it Take to Become YourSELF?

All of us are operating on a daily basis at some distance from the core and most powerful parts of ourselves.  As I have pointed out before, life events (including troubling ones early in life and more recently) spawn counterproductive patterns of thought, emotion and behavior that we need to identify—partly through guided introspection—and to then replace with ones that are authentic for us.  The authentic patterns are those that tap your true talents, ways of thinking about the world and ways of seeing your place in it.

How long does this journey to yourSELF take?  That depends on how far from your core you have wandered and how ready and willing you are to do the work of getting back on track.  The journey can begin, in earnest, with just several weeks of effort.  There can be glimmers of the treasures to be unearthed through the process, within days.  Many people will feel that they have done enough after months.  But I see the complete odyssey as being one that truly never ends.  What greater goal could there be, after all, than recapturing all the power God or the Universe invested you with?  And why wouldn’t that be a lifelong process of identifying, refining, optimizing and deploying that power?

We’re each a masterpiece.  Standing back from the canvas of one’s life, there will always be, no doubt, places where refinements can be made to optimize the whole.  But the goal is to undertake that process as soon as we can and devote some time to it.  The benefits include even more than improving mood and reducing anxiety and strengthening relationships.  They include feeling the absolute conviction that one’s core self does exist, that it has the capacity to love oneself and others, unconditionally, and that it is connected to a unique calling in life.

Don’t forget, life will always be unfolding as the work of becoming yourself continues.  There will be stresses and challenges and joys and achievements and frustrations.  These are inevitable, and they are the fuel for the process of self-discovery.  Every one of them can be used to capture more of one’s core power, rather than becoming disempowered.

I believe that’s truly the way the universe is constructed.  No event is either meaningless or meant to destroy you.  Each is meant—each exists—as an opportunity to become a stronger person with more self-knowledge, more self-determination and more ability to manifest the happiness and success you deserve.

Seen this way, the answer to How Long Should it Take to Become YourSELF? is that the beauty of the journey, once started, is that the rewards begin to come quickly, and that, with continued belief and effort, they never end.


Dr. Keith Ablow


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