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Life is busy.  Life is often difficult.  Right now, life presents unprecedented challenges related to Coronavirus.  Yet, as the pandemic recedes (and it will recede), people will still need to decide whether they are proceeding at a pace and in a direction and with habits that are serving them best, or whether they need help to accelerate, chart a different course or shed self-destructive patterns.

So, what are some clues that it’s time to partner up with a coach or counselor, in order to become more effective and successful in life?  Here’s a short list, just to consider:


1- You know some of your goals, but you know you aren’t working on them, in earnest.

People often know what they want to see happen in their lives.  But they may not be making them happen.  So, whether a person wants to initiate a discussion with an employer about a promotion, or start a whole new career, or begin a creative project or start a diet and stick to it, or stop smoking or using alcohol, a coach or counselor can be the one to come up with a realistic plan and hold his or her client accountable for taking the steps to complete it.


2- You know you aren’t content, but really don’t know what would make you feel more content.

We’re all stories.  Living our lives while understanding the underlying themes driving those stories, though, can be very difficult.  The right coach/counselor can get to the bottom of what is likely to feed your soul—whether professionally, in terms of relationships or in terms of other interests.


3- You have a sense of manifest destiny, but aren’t sure how to manifest it.

Many of us are blessed with the sense that we have special contributions to make to this world, but we’re not sure in exactly which venue, or by taking what specific steps.  That can be frustrating, because those feelings of potential are not random.  They have meaning.  They’re signs that you really are meant to tap into something inside you and make something important happen.  Teaming up with a life coach/counselor can not only confirm that your feelings are genuine and deserve to be honored through action, but can also illuminate what your unique gifts are and what your unique contributions can truly be.


4- You seem to keep making the same mistakes in relationships.

Whether you keep hitting snags in professional, personal or romantic relationships, it’s often the case that the same patterns of emotion and behavior keep tripping you up.  Teaming up with a coach/counselor can identify those patterns, some of which are deeply rooted in earlier chapters of your life story, and help you move on from them.


5- You feel like you should be further along in life.

I know that sounds pretty generic, but it’s also true.  Human beings have a kind of internal alarm system that alerts them when they feel that they are losing pace with their own life plans. Sometimes, what’s needed is to define what “further along” means to that person, specifically.  What does he or she truly value and want to manifest?  Once that’s clear, a real plan can be put in place to make it happen.


This isn’t an exhaustive list, but it’s a place to start.  The truth is that teaming up with someone dedicated to your success is the answer to lots of life’s hurdles.  Going it alone is rarely the best way to get going and keep moving toward the dreams we hold most dear.

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