Posted: August 5, 2020 in: Pain-2-Power, Personal Empowerment

How to Stop Living in Suspended Animation

First of all, it’s important to realize that many of us are, indeed, living in a state of suspended animation.  What do I mean by that?  I mean that we keep our potential and our passion partly locked away—needlessly.  As I have written more than once before, we live like Ferraris, with 12 cylinder engines, using only 6 or 8 cylinders.

Why do we do this?  I think of the primary reason as having encountered one or more viruses that come to affect the software of our souls.  These “emotional viruses” are usually contracted in childhood or adolescence when we are less than unconditionally loved or encounter stress, trauma or sudden and severe disappointments.  We then tend to write lines of code into our souls that scrambles the original software and corrupts our native courage, contentment and commitment to our ideas and ideals.

Another reason is that we come with no instruction manual for ourSELVES.  We don’t know that taking ourselves “out of the box” might require acts of will—like unwrapping plastic shrink wrap around anything new.  What is the shrink wrap?  It is the natural tendency to stay safe, to react with some amount of fear when taking risks, to check and recheck the temperature of the water in the pool of life before diving in.

Suspended animation ensues.  And in order to get beyond it and start living life much more fully and forcefully, we have to summon the intention to do so.  We have to detect the viruses that may be creating resistance to accelerating in life.  Who hacked us?  Who suggested we couldn’t “go for it” and achieve what we want and build relationships we need?

We have to decide to rip off that shrink wrap, too.  We’re often so practiced in living our lives under wraps, in fact, that we’re brand new underneath.  We have whole new God-given purposes to pursue in life and talents to deploy.  But we have to trust that the water is warm enough in the pool of life or (just as good, if not better) that we are hearty enough to endure some cold.

Now is the time to go beyond suspended animation and start living, for real—to start living far less restrained by fear and with far more intention.

How?  For starters . . .

  • Take one step to start something today that interests you greatly. Any step.  Order a book about it.  Sign up for a course about it.  Write down your thoughts about it.  Tell a friend about it.  In other words, prime the pump of life.
  • Write down three opinions of yours that you hold very strongly.
  • Write out a purpose statement for your life and read it every morning. Be bold, not shy.  Err on the side of greatness.

Also, download a copy of my Purpose and Personal Empowerment tools and complete them.  They’re free.  And they can begin freeing you.

All that will be just a start, but starting is half the battle.  Fully half.

Dr. Keith Ablow


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