Posted: August 27, 2020 in: Faith, Pain-2-Power

I AM: Why Self-Actualization is Sacred

Nothing is worth pursuing more than self-actualization.  If that sounds like I am suggesting selfishness, I am not.  Actually, the opposite is true.

You are not the only one relying on you becoming the person you were always meant to be.  Your true core passions, talents and goals are treasures not only for you to develop, but for others to benefit from.  If you are a writer not writing, an entrepreneur not creating companies, a painter not painting or a teacher not teaching, you aren’t just short-circuiting your own happiness and fulfillment, you are depriving others of what you would create, produce or deliver.

I would like to share the story of Moses at the burning bush—a bush afire yet not consumed by the flames.  God tells Moses that he has been chosen to lead his people out of Egypt, where they have been enslaved.  But Moses protests.  He explains he is inarticulate.  He confesses that he once killed a man.  Yet, God is undeterred.  He reiterates that Moses and none other is the person who will free his people from bondage.  When Moses asks who he should tell the Pharaoh has sent him on this mission, God replies that his name is “I Am.”  Others have translated his answer (from Hebrew) as, “He who is forever becoming who he is.”

In a real way, it certainly sounds like God is explaining that no one other than Moses himSELF is sending him on the mission to free his people.  He is becoming the person he is meant to be:  An agent for God’s intentions as a leader for the ages.

We are all agents for God’s intentions.  Every one of us.  None of us has any other name more true than I AM.  We grow into that name as we become SELF-actualized, and there is no greater nor more important journey in this world for any of us.  It is the Holy Grail.  It has miraculous powers because you are a miracle.

Today is the day to begin taking the journey to yourSELF, in earnest.  Are you ready?

I AM ready to make it happen with you.

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Dr. Keith Ablow


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