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After nearly three decades helping people become powerful, I can tell you that you’re no different from the thousands of people I’ve helped to express themselves more fully and more successfully.  Your life story—including every paragraph of it—has prepared you for the next page to be the most significant one of all. What’s the key:  Recognizing that it can happen, feeling as though you deserve for it to happen and identifying the specific way in which you most want it to happen.


Pure Self-Expression

Your destiny is about manifesting your purest possible form of self-expression.  For some people that means being a painter or writer.  For some if means creating a successful business.  For others it means starting and nurturing a family.  You may be a born teacher, musician, politician, corporate leader or athlete.  And deep down, you know it, even if you’ve been denying it or encountering hurdles that seem to stand in your way.

What can get in the way?  Well, life can, starting with childhood.  So many of us are discouraged from expressing our true gifts. We also experience things that diminish our self-esteem.  We live through stressful periods that make survival our priority and push our deepest, most personal agendas into the background.  But, guess what?  They’re still there.  They may be hibernating, but they can be reawakened.


You Can’t Ignore Your Destiny . . .

Unexpressed dreams and talents mustbe awakened. Why?  Because they don’t just lay quietly underground.  They cause turmoil—as in anxiety, low mood, irritability, substance abuse and trouble in relationships—until they arereawakened and expressed.  Seen this way, you really have no choice but to get on with it.


. . . No Matter What League You’re Playing In

I have helped people discover their passions for writing or teaching or starting a small business and I have helped people decide to finally run for national political office or quit lucrative jobs to invent transformational products.  The process is exactly the same:  Discover the non-fiction narrative that truly defines the person and then find the faith to write the next and best chapters of that narrative.


Yes, Faith . . .

Very, very few people I have worked with approach the most powerful work of their lives with pure confidence.  There is usually tremendous self-doubt.  Moving forward despite that doubt calls for faith.  It requires recognizing that God or the Universe isn’t messing around with you and detouring you away from your destiny. Your calling is sacred.  And, sure, rearrange the letters of “sacred” and you can get “scared.”  It’s scary to follow your heart.  It’s scary to embark upon your life’s work.  And that’s okay.  But, you still have to.


Are You Ready?

When you decide to look at your life in depth and live your life with purpose, I am ready to help make it happen.  That sounds pretty direct, right?  It is.  Because part of my life’s work is making your life work.  I’m certain I was destined for it.


Dr. Keith Ablow


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  1. brianna says:

    life’s work :.. intent . 2020 …. so you !!!! always !!! you have & constantly tend to remind me …how much each secound ***of each day****** should be living****** a life***** with a purpose … feeling of purpose **** ur own purpose = peace . thank you !
    you are an amazing artist ! btw ! i want to see more of ur art project !!!projectprescription

  2. Jamie says:

    “If you build it he will come”
    -Field of dreams”

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