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(Just a small start will do and yield big results.)

Let’s dispense up front with the idea that you would be reading these words for no reason.  That thinking negates the power of synchronicity in the world.  And synchronicity is very real.  Things happen because a myriad of variables have allowed them to unfold—a lot like the way the cylinders of a lock align.  Click. Click. Click.  You were meant to be reading this blog at this very moment.

This blog is different than some of my others because it directly challenges you to do one thing today to move in the direction of the truest SELF you know.  One thing.  No heavy lifting.  The real effort is defeating the resistance to becoming the most powerful person you can be.

There is resistance, by the way.  Why?  Because moving toward your purpose and potential in this world means engaging power you might never have deployed.  It’s a little like driving a very powerful car that you’re unsure of handling.  What if it careens off the road?  What if it attracts too much attention?  What if it takes you too far away from the more limited world you have known?

This resistance is all fear-based.  There is no truth to it.  Your purpose and potential are not a trap.  They are your destiny.

What step will you take today?  You might connect with an old friend you regret losing touch with.  You might sign up for a course related to a sincere interest of yours.  You might start writing down your idea for a business or the beginning of the summary of a novel or the first paragraph of the treatment for a movie.  You might join a gym.  You might schedule a weekend away so you and your spouse can remind one another you love each other.  You might invest in a company you keep being drawn to—or inquire about what jobs are open at that company.

Something may well have come to your mind.  Don’t dismiss it.  Embrace it.  Act upon it.

Beginnings have tremendous power in them.  Remember, yours is meant to be.

So . . . what will it be?  Today.  Even better, right this moment.  And . . . let me know what yours turned out to be by writing to me at [email protected] or sharing a comment below.


Dr. Keith Ablow


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