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If You Were a Stock, I’d be Buying

Have you ever looked at the chart of the way a really great stock fluctuates in price?  Almost invariably, when real power is behind the company, the stock rises in a sawtooth pattern—rising, then falling back, then rising higher than the last high, then falling back, then rising still higher than the second high – and so on and so on and so on.  In other words, it doesn’t rise steadily.  It “suffers,” if you will, setbacks, then regains momentum and climbs.

Well, if you were a stock, I’d be buying.  Why?  It’s as simple as this:  You not only got yourSELF to, you dug a bit deeper whether by choosing the INSIGHTS tab or by reading to this—the second paragraph.  And I think events like that, though they may seem small, or may seem random, are actually neither.  You are poised to rise.  Inevitably.

I have said before that the comeback story is the iconic, elemental story of the planet, human beings and every individual.  It is encoded in our genes and ensconced in the Bible and in every novel or film that ends up being embraced by wide audiences.  That’s because we know that the journey to success and happiness always takes the shape of a sawtooth pattern.  Your journey is no different.  If you fall down in life, you are never in free fall.  Your comeback is assured if you believe it and behave as though you believe it.

Guess who can decide when your stock has lost so much value that it can never rise to higher highs than ever.  Only you.  Resist that temptation (which is an understandable one, when the chips are down), and you’ve done 65 percent of the work launching your comeback.  The other 35 percent is taking the needed steps back up the mountain, with every intention of climbing to the top—whatever that means to you.

Whatever that means to you.  Those words are critical.  Because the top of the mountain for you might be greater financial success than ever before, painting better than ever before, finding love, again, or attaining deeper self-knowledge.  You need to know where you want your comeback story to “end.”  Of course, it is never really the end, it is always a beginning.

Here you are.  You found this writing.  You found your way all the way through the message.  It’s yours now.  Believe in it.  Be confident the next chapters you imagine in your life story reflect it.  Then, go live it.

Dr. Keith Ablow

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