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Brady Snakovsky, 11, is the Pain-2-Power Person of the Week.  He’s the CEO and Founder of, which has donated 360 life-saving ballistic, bulletproof vests (so far) to protect K-9 officers across the country.

Brady’s quest to protect as many K-9s as possible began with his mission to outfit a single police dog.  He saw the dog on television without a vest and wanted to make sure that dog stayed as safe as possible.

The Street Fighter vests are specially designed to be light enough for K-9s to wear their entire shifts and are manufactured through a special partnership with LOF Defence.  They incorporate Outlast Thermal Management Systems to help prevent heat exhaustion.

Each Street Fighter vest costs $1,200.  That means Brady has donated vests valued at $432,000.

Brady gets other kids involved in his missionA Girl Scout named Delany M. in New York is currently partnering with Brady to raise money to donate a ballistic vest to a K-9 officer named Ott.

I’m going to make a donation to Delany’s effort and to Bradysk9fund today.  I hope, if you can, you will, too.  The dogs deserve the support.  So do Delaney and Brady.

Brady Snakovsy clearly loves dogs.  Brady Snakovsky clearly understands the value of protecting them.  But Brady Snakovsky also clearly understands the value of protecting our communities. And that’s why he’s the Pain-2-Power Person of the Week.

Dr. Keith Ablow

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