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A Pain-2-Power Company: My Employment Options

When a company defines Pain-2-Power principles, that’s worth writing about.  And My Employment Options (MEO) is such a company.  Founded by Paula Vieillet, My Employment Options works with those on disability to find them work—often from home—through the Ticket to Work program.  The folks getting back to work pay nothing—as in, no fee, whatsoever.

MEO finds and focuses on the strengths of each individual (yes, each individual).  They then match those individuals with work that taps their strengths.  And in doing so, My Employment Options literally turns pain into power.

My Employment Options doesn’t achieve this for a few dozen people a year.  Last year, for instance, they achieved placements for more than 400  people with agoraphobia, chronic pain, depression, visual impairment, hearing impairment, or autism spectrum disorder (just to name a few of the many, many conditions that MEO helps its clients power through).  That means that 440 people who may have concluded that their emotional or physical impairments would leave them forever without the opportunity to build self-esteem by earning a living, and without the joy of working as part of a team, now know otherwise.  And My Employment Options has been in business for over 20 years.

Paula Vieillet is herself the heart and soul of My Employment Options (along with the more than 20 employees at the company).  Some of those employees were once clients—that’s right, they initially reached out for help getting back to work and eventually ended up working for My Employment Options.  Talk about paying it forward.

“I love this work,” Paula Vieillet told me.  “I get to focus, every day, on overcoming challenges with people who deserve to overcome them and who inspire me every day.  They think we’re giving them opportunities, but the real opportunity is to see courageous, competent people making their way back to the workplace, achieving wonderful things.”

Lest you think that My Employment Options bids farewell to their clients after a job placement is achieved, think again.  They offer support to those clients for up to six years after the placement to help assure success.

What’s more, clients are not required to immediately stop receiving social security disability benefits.  SSDI clients get to keep those benefits for the first 9 months back to work and they  keep a percentage of their benefits for the next 9 months, as well.  And if their disabilities ultimately mean that they can’t stay at work, their benefits resume.

Recently, My Employment Options launched to create partnerships with other agencies—such as the Martin Luther King, Sr. Community Resources Collaborative—who can then refer their clients for the specialized services MEO offers.

Veterans are an area of special interest for MEO.  Their outreach to help our nation’s heroes includes a connection to Wounded Warriors.  And Ms. Vieillet is efforting a closer connection with the Veteran’s Administration itself.  The VA would be very wise to make the most of her invitation to collaborate.

At a time when our culture seems to encourage people to do less or be less, My Employment Options is a shining example of helping determined people do more and be more.  And that’s why it is consistent with Pain-2-Power principles.

Dr. Keith Ablow

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5 responses to “A Pain-2-Power Company: My Employment Options”

  1. Lori Adler says:

    Hello Teresa,

    Thank you for reading the blog and for your comment and questions. My name is Lori Adler and I work at My Employment Options and I would be happy to email or talk with you privately and try to help give you some resources – even with not qualifying for the federal program we are in. I can also help link you to our sister company, Ask MEO, as they offering 15-minute free employability assessments for people with disabilities where you can speak with a job counselor (you do not have to qualify for the Ticket to Work program to receive the free assessment). My email is [email protected] Look forward to chatting further. Have a great day and hang in there!

  2. Keith Ablow says:

    Hi, Teresa: I will email you privately to get the ball rolling. Keith

  3. Keith Ablow says:

    And you will, Paula! Deservedly so . . .

  4. Paula Vieillet says:

    Thanks Keith! We appreciate your blog and your help. Hope to reach even more people this year!

  5. Teresa Schwendeman says:

    I have Major Depression, Chronic pain in my back and left knee so bad that I can’t stand for more than 5 minutes, an anxiety disorder, hard of hearing in both ears (left ear is worse than the right ear). I don’t qualify for disability or SSI. I want to work to help bring money into the home. Can you help me?