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You are the Real Masterpiece; The Universe Has a Plan for You

Whether you believe God is in charge (as I do) or the Universe is in charge, you have a purpose in this world.  God or the universe will see to it that you walk through a very complex labyrinth of events in your life—including victories and defeats and lots of soul-searching—before your purpose is made clear.

Walking the labyrinth makes you a kind of living canvas onto which layers of paint are being applied, again and again.  Sometimes, paint has to be scraped away, too.  And that can be painful.  You should never forget there’s a reason behind all of it.  Only through change—sometimes very painful change—can you become everything you were meant to be—a unique, one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

Keep in mind that a labyrinth differs from a maze in one critical way:  There are no dead ends in a labyrinth.  Yes, the pathway may be convoluted and confusing.  It can bring a person very close to the labyrinth’s center, then suddenly route him or her right back out to its furthest edge.  It can be shocking.  It can feel like all is lost.  But if you keep walking, you’ll always get to the center, eventually.  Every single time.

The key is you have to keep walking.  If you trip and fall a bunch of times, even if you occasionally lie down and curl up in a ball, that’s okay.  It’s human.  But you have to always get back up and put one foot in front of the other, no matter how dark the day may seem.

What can you hold onto as you take those difficult steps?  You are a masterpiece; God has a plan for you.  Believing that isn’t narcissism.  Not even close.  Being aware of your responsibility to actualize your full potential by never giving up is the opposite of being narcissistic.  It’s having faith in forces far more powerful than you, which are sculpting you every day.  It’s being willing to endure in order to become self-actualized.

That resolve isn’t self-centered.  We are all interconnected.  All of us rely on each one of us fulfilling his or her potential.  Actualizing that potential might yield a step toward the cure of an illness.  It might lead to educating or parenting children who go on to change the world.  It might lead to starting a business that employs a dozen people or a thousand people.

Never forget that you have a destiny awaiting you.  Never stop walking the labyrinth.   Yes, pain is part of the path of anyone and everyone who is becoming a masterpiece, but so is power.

Dr. Keith Ablow


This blog was adapted from Dr. Ablow’s book, TRUMP YOUR LIFE, available through

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