Posted: March 17, 2022 in: Pain-2-Power

Leading With Light

There is one truth about leadership that will never fail those who understand it and adhere to it.  Leaders who see light, even amidst what might seem like complete darkness, will always be those who inspire others and who reach higher goals.

Any amount of competition, any market forces, any geopolitical realities, any set of hurdles in a family, any health challenges are best approached with rock-solid conviction that events will, ultimately, unfold for the better.  The universe is neither random nor vengeful.  What is unfolding before you is an opportunity, but you must choose to see it as such.

Is this true when an onslaught of negative factors coalesces to challenge the future of a business?  It certainly is, as long as the leader of that business interprets those factors as purifying and strengthening himself or herself, his or her team and the intentions of both.

In order to maintain this ability to see light in nearly complete darkness, one must believe, deep in one’s heart, that the light is, in fact, there—obscured, but present.  And one must be willing to tolerate pain on the way to revealing and accessing that reservoir of power.  Steeling oneself for a journey through darkness is always wise.

The great leader is convinced not only that gifts are wrapped in challenges, not only that getting to the gifts may require sacrifice, but also that he or she is the one destined to be confronting those very challenges at the very time they appear.  This does away—properly—with the natural anxiety that significant challenges provoke.  A sense of manifest destiny is the soul’s answer to what may, otherwise, be perceived as Shakespeare’s slings and arrows of outrageous fortune.

Communicating this sense of manifest destiny to others is key to the ability to lead.  It should become contagious, in order to sweep through the shadows.  It is a remarkable quality of the human mind that its energy can be kindled by the mental energy of another.


Dr. Keith Ablow

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