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Lessons from the Burst Zika Bubble ~ Randall S Bock Guest Post

Here’s a piece that I’m hoping can help calm minds. I know we’re in the midst of a viral scare and I can’t fully comment on how everything will play out with coronavirus but I do want you to know that experts occasionally can get things wrong – and that the news-media will run stories before they are fully vetted and scrutinized. Scary news sells advertising-time. I want you to know that when we look back on many medical scares, we survive them. This should be a comfort. Let’s look back here at what happened with 2016’s Zika/microcephaly scare. Some of us may not remember it because it has gone away so thoroughly, but at the time they were cataclysmic, horrible predictions. Essentially none of these have come true in the meanwhile, but nobody’s retracted the original claims. The analogy here might be that we should look not just at the worst things that are around, but at some of the news elsewhere that looks much better, for instance the very low rates of fatality in Taiwan, South Korea and other places that have shown reasonable caution. Let’s learn, as we always do, from the best sources, keep our minds open, and carry on!” –Randall S Bock

Lessons from the Burst Zika Bubble

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