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Liberty is Precious, Fragile and Forever

The violence around our nation, like the murder of George Floyd, should remind us that liberty is more precious by far than gold and that it is fragile.  Those who are provoking violence on the streets of Minneapolis, New York, Washington, D.C., Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago, Atlanta and so many other cities are like a virus that threatens the health of the body, entire.  They make the fever of our beloved nation rise and they make us feel desperate for a cure before the nation becomes critically ill.

Nations die, just like people do.  They’re not immune to pandemics of rage or hatred or greed.  They can only take so much.  So, the immune system that responds when the life of the nation is in peril must be vigorous.  It must include all the antibodies at its disposal.  First among these is truth.  Discovering the true nature of the threat against our nation is no less important than finding out which virus is responsible for a pandemic.  And discovering and rediscovering the truth that “all men are created equal” and that “they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights” is no less important than making sure the body is hydrated as it fights off that virus.

Second, our laws are also part of the immune system.  They must be upheld.  A lawless society is like a body invaded by cancer.  Cancer cells respect no boundaries.  That’s the problem with them.  They kill by strangling organs necessary for the whole system to function.

Third, our resources—including, yes, the police and, if needed, the military—are as necessary to enforce our laws as are our bones to hold the body steady.

Fourth, our spirit as a nation—based in our love of liberty—is as necessary to survive a pandemic of rage, hatred or greed as a human being’s spirit is necessary to fight off a virus or cancer.  Because in an immeasurable way that science will never explain away, loving oneself and loving life and having the will to live is a powerful and indispensable component of surviving and healing.  And it is no different for a nation.  A nation without its core spirit continuing to fuel a deep will to live is in dire peril.

Why, then, would I write that liberty is precious, fragile and forever?  Because liberty, even if it is attacked with a knee on its neck, even if it is attacked at night, even if it loses its hold on a man or on men or on a nation, entire, is itself immortal.  It will rise up, again.  And, again.  And, again.  It can never be and it will never be, otherwise.

Dr. Keith Ablow


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  1. Lyndle Seaton says:

    Hello Dr. Keith, The Universe is an electrical phenomenon. Everything has dual principles based on electrical positive and negative charges. Liberty has an opposite we could maybe call slavery or tyranny. Liberty will always exist because tyranny always comes around and awakens it in us. After watching people all my life I am convinced that some would rather go tubing down inertia river for the duration of their time. Tyranny is as important to our development as Liberty. It pushes us to greatness and greater liberty, by challenging us to become who we were going to be all along anyway! Is there any other way to live, praise our Creator for such a Creation! One more thing I would like to share if I may. I seem to understand that the Sun is male and the Earth is female. They are together in their orbit around each other. Their Creator is nestled in the center of the Milky Way Galaxy, and so on and so forth. We are their off springs of sorts. They have been working together for 5 billion years trying to perfect a body that can effectively create a ship and move life to other earths. The Sun and Earth are working as partners to spread conscience far and wide in the Universe as they are so led. They have sex through the weather systems and fertilize Mother Earth’s many eggs. The rain is the sperm on that level and starts the process of life to evolve. The thunder and rain is their intercource and afterwards everything gets calm and serene, just like with sex. They over produce humans for the purpose of trying to find that one brain in a billion samples that just might be able to figure out space travel to where we can migrate. The entire process is stressful to humans, but the Sun and Earth understand that to spread Conscience (Heaven) far and wide is what they must do. They are longing deeply for us humans to wake up and do their bidding on this plane. That is why we feel love and support from life when we do what we are led to do. “There is a creative force in the Universe and we can learn to cooperate with it” Roy Eugene Davis Best Regards, Lyndle