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Natural Supplements Are Powerful Mood Enhancers and Anxiety Reducers

The Ablow Center offers a unique and powerful combination of life coaching and spiritual counseling.  At the same time, I have devised unique protocols of natural supplements to increase mood, reduce anxiety, increase focus and improve sleep.

Prior to founding The Ablow Center I wrote several books that talked about the power of psychotherapy, sometimes combined with medications, to treat psychological suffering. They included How to Cope with Depression (co-written with the Chairman of Psychiatry at Johns Hopkins), Anatomy of a Psychiatric Illness (written for the American Psychiatric Association) and Living the Truth, which became an international self-help bestseller.

Yet, something was missing: Harnessing the astounding power of natural supplements to address emotional pain, low energy and lack of focus (among other challenges).

Over the past year, I have extensively researched which vitamins, minerals, herbs and probiotics have the most scientific data behind them regarding lifting mood and improving many other facets of mental well-being. It’s amazing how powerful and safe these supplements are and truly an honor to be able to share the best of them with my clients.

One example, is the use of Curcumin.  Multiple studies that compare Curcumin—derived from a spice—to prescription antidepressants find that Curcumin is just as effective at increasing mood.

Another example is the use of Lavender Oil to treat anxiety.  Again, multiple studies have found that the effect of this simple, natural, incredibly safe oil from flowers compares favorably with prescription tranquilizers.

When I combine life coaching or counseling with these all-natural remedies, I find myself getting as good or better results in many of those who need their mood improved or anxiety reduced or energy increased than I got when I practiced psychiatry and prescribed medications.  That’s stunning information.

I have now developed protocols that use multiple supplements, when needed, to achieve life-changing results in clients.

Very often, going through a client’s history and recommending the right supplements is amazing, in and of itself. But when I have the opportunity to combine the supplements with life coaching and counseling, the system becomes transformational.

If that’s the kind of help that sounds like the right path for you, let’s get started. Just email [email protected]or call 978-462-1125.


Dr. Keith Ablow


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