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Never Willingly Give Up Personal Power

Personal power is your ability to manifest the things in life that you, in your heart and mind, most value.  That includes sharing your thoughts freely, building the business or accumulating the wealth you wish to, creating the art you imagine, investing in relationships you treasure or mastering skills you prize.

Threats to your personal power abound.  Other individuals may try to oppose it.  Organizations may try to suppress it. The economic and political climates may complicate it.

With so much resistance to overcome in order to deploy your personal power, the one thing you should never do is willingly give it up.  And the most common way people do that is by giving in to habits that erode it.  These habits include any behavioral pattern that weakens you, rather than strengthening you and that teaches you that you are lesspowerful than the destructive habit itself.

These include overeating, drinking too much, abusing drugs, getting lost in adult entertainment, becoming addicted to social media or video games and staying in relationships that erode your self-esteem.

Personal habits that disrupt personal power can feel good, for a time.  That’s one of the ways in which they take hold of you.  They’re seductive, in the worst sense of the word.  A good metaphor for them is the way in which the Sirens in Homer’s Odyssey entice sailors to their destruction with their compelling singing.  The sailors would be lured to the treacherous rocks where the Sirens lived and end up shipwrecked.

You probably know one or two personal power destroyers in your own life.  No one is immune to them.  Even Superman had kryptonite, right?

How to resist?  Odysseus had his men bind him to the mast of his ship to prevent him from charting a course for destruction.  That’s not going to work for you.

The chief way to resist is to personify your adversary.  Let’s say it were overeating at night.  Consider that habit as an entity unto itself and resolve to defeat it.  You can even talk back to it.  “If you think I’m going to give in to you and end up gaining weight, you’re wrong.”  Make no mistake, IT wants to defeat you.  And IT is NOT you.  IT wants to take away your power and destroy your best self.

Seen this way, every negative personal habit or toxic relationship is a “mind gym.”  It is its own exercise machine for the psychological muscles that will support your best SELF.  Push against it, or push it away, and you’ll get more powerful.  You will be building personal power muscle memory.

Dr. Keith Ablow


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