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Life includes hurdles.  That’s inevitable.  You may be able to see them up ahead or they may appear without notice. Sometimes, they’re financial.  Sometimes, they’re about relationships.  Sometimes, they’re about your own health.  They can trip you up.  They can make you fall down.  But they can’t stop you—ever, if you claim the next page of your life story.

What do I mean by claiming the next page of your life story?  This:  Your story is inherently designed to be one of triumph.  It couldn’t be that were there not difficulties, setbacks and pain because there is no triumph in coasting to victory.  There isn’t a person alive or who has ever lived who isn’t an example of that.  There isn’t a movie ever made that doesn’t involve that theme, in one way or another.  There isn’t a religion that fails to pay homage to it.  Your triumph is written into your story, written into the stars.  But you have to claim it.

How do you do that?  How do you go about getting the triumph over adversity that is your birthright when you suffer a setback or defeat?  How do you tell yourself the truth—that you can’t be stopped?  First, you stay vigilant for the next opportunity.  You open your eyes to the rays of light you know will shine through whatever difficulty, battle or war you find yourself in.  That opportunity—that light—may be a person you meet “by chance,” or a creative idea that suddenly occurs to you.  It may be in the next email or text.  It may visit you in your dream on the darkest night of your life.  But it will visit you.  Watch for it.  Listen for it.  Expect it.

Your story is inherently designed to be one of triumph.

Second, you actively wonder how the challenge you are living through will end up being for the best.  You’ve lost your business.  It may feel like a crushing reality.  But you can’t be crushed if you resolve to wonder how that loss will end up as part of your ultimate victory.  You wonder and you wait and you watch for that next page.  It’s coming.  I promise you.  It may be the next business or the free time to create art that moves people (and most importantly moves you).  It may be in the impulse to find strength through God.  It may be in realizing that you have friends who’ll stand by you, no matter what.  It may be that you find true love with someone who doesn’t abandon you in your darkness—who finds youin the darkness.

Your story is inherently designed to be one of triumph.

Third, you develop a sense of wonder about the world and your place in it.  Look at your life and try to think of adversity as “interesting,” not overwhelming.   Ask yourself, “What will I learn from being put in this position?  How will it ultimately contribute to something good happening?” Relax into the fact that life will carry you forward, not stop you dead in your tracks, just as a stream carries you forward if you relax on a life raft.  Hit a rock in the stream, and the stream will work to move you around it.  Up ahead, the current will carry you more quickly, the sun will shine more brightly. The world is built this way.  You are built this way.  You can believe it.

No one can stop you if you claim the next page of your life story.  Because your story is inherently designed to be one of triumph.


Dr. Keith Ablow

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