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I’ve mentioned Robert Pirsig before.  Pirsig wrote the classic Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance about his cross-country journey by motorcycle with his son Chris. The journey sets the stage for Pirsig to share his philosophy on life’s most important questions.  A big component of that philosophy is that the value of a thing is determined by its inherent quality.  Pirsig argues we should choose to create products and undertake those journeys and make art and build businesses and share ideas that embody quality and that people recognize the presence or absence of this fundamental attribute in anything, at a deep spiritual level.

Pirsig makes the point that writing his book, which sold more than 10 million copies, and which 120 out of 121 publishers rejected, was a choice he made because writing the book “had higher quality than not writing it.”  His focus on the inherent value of what he was creating (as he saw and felt it)—its fundamental worth—kept him going, page after page.  The same focus on the quality of what he was efforting kept him sending out the manuscript, rejection letter after rejection letter.

For me, creating Pain-2-Power has been no different:  Creating this way of relieving people’s pain and empowering them had higher quality than not creating it.  Not creating it would have seemed wrong.  That’s why it’s fair to say that creating Pain-2-Power has been a calling of mine.

Now, here’s a direct message for you:  I do not believe that you would be reading this if taking the Pain-2-Power journey toward healing and empowerment were not speaking to a deep, meaningful, important part of you—the need to optimize yourSELF.  And the way you should judge whether to proceed with that journey is to think, in a quiet moment during your day, perhaps in a quiet place, about whether doing so seems to have higher quality than not doing so.

Here’s the really remarkable part:  Pain-2-Power itself is all about finding the goals and energy and motivation and insight of the very highest quality inside you.  That’s how you’ll know when we find all of it.  Because you will feel its inherent truth for you.  It will be undeniable.  And it will free you to move forward in the most powerful ways possible.


Dr. Keith Ablow


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