Pain-2-Power: A Lost and Found Department for . . . True Potential

I’ve decided Pain-2-Power is a little like a lost and found department for . . . well . . . people and the best of their potential.  It is part of the human condition that our gifts are often difficult to deploy once we live through childhood, adolescence, teenage years and, then, into adulthood.  Psychologically complex events unfold that divert our attention and energies from our dreams, talents and ability to love ourSELVES profoundly.  Emotional resistors get added to the circuitry through which our best intentions, abilities and energies must run.

People get lost—to themSELVES.  If the soul is a red Ferrari, so many of us end up using only four or six of the cylinders actually available to power us to extraordinary relationships and creative journeys and achievements.

Too many of us forget we’re Ferraris altogether and live life as Camrys—safer, perhaps, but with far less performance and exhilaration.

There’s a toll to living lost, too.  Our brains and souls are not meant to be underutilized.  Angst, low energy, low self-esteem, anxiety and depression are the results.  In that way, the metaphor of living like a Camry, while being a Ferrari, still holds.  Leave a Ferrari to sit for too long or drive it only at slow speeds for years and its engine won’t benefit.  Quite the opposite.  The Ferrari “needs” to perform.

So do you.

Pain-2-Power is a plan to reengage all 12 cylinders of your existence.  It not only makes you aware the cylinders exist, but takes away any fear of using them.

How?  The plan does so by revealing the platinum version of oneSELF—the irreducible and irreplaceable REAL you.  You, but before life limited you.  And worry not, that you still exists, after two decades or four or five or seven.  It is the starting point for your most promising and powerful path forward imaginable.  And it is revealed and deployed by Pain-2-Power through:

  • An assessment of exactly where you are in life at this moment.
  • A review of the events in life that have shaped you—empowering and temporarily disempowering you.
  • Discovering negative emotional, intellectual and behavioral patterns to be extinguished.
  • Discovering positive emotional, intellectual and behavioral patterns to be made more powerful.
  • Uncovering the core, iconic, truest, most powerful next “chapters” of your “autobiography”—the one you are living.
  • Deploying the treasures you have found and harvesting the inevitable benefits of 12-cylinder personal and professional performance.

Pain-2-Power, the “Lost and Found” department for human potential, has something of yours to be claimed:  Your Platinum Self.

Dr. Keith Ablow


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