Everyone plans.  We envision the future.  Most of us would agree that envisioning it, in fact, is part of making it happen.  That may sound like New Age thinking, but it really isn’t.  No company takes shape without it first being an idea in someone’s mind.  No career is embarked upon without first deciding to do so and planning how to get the needed education.  No house is built without first “picturing” what it will look like and then actualizing that vision.

The way we think about the future will have a profound effect on what future we manifest.  That’s why it’s so important to envision self-fulfilling chapters unfolding in the next weeks, months and years of your life.  And this is especially true when difficulties, hurdles or losses are part of your path.  We can either “see” those as the beginning of a series of dominos about to fall—as predicting decline—or we can see them as pivotal moments that will strength us, redefine us and move us more powerfully forward.  Which choice we make will actually determine what happens.

Amazing, right?  What we decide will happen will make it so.  Decide to frame every event in your life as empowering you, in the end, and you will be empowered.

The deciding isn’t easy, of course.  We can become dispirited, even depressed, which deprives us of the power of deciding the future will strengthen us—no matter what.  Yet this perspective—call it the “happy warrior” perspective or the stoic perspective—can also ward off depression.  It can pre-empt it.  Depression can’t take hold nearly so easily or firmly in soil tilled with the Pain-2-Power perspective.

Going it alone, of course, makes everything tougher.  That’s the reason I started Pain-2-Power, in the first place.  You shouldn’t have to go it alone.  Having a co-pilot of sorts helps—a lot.  Think of that person (a coach or counselor) as the one wiping away the fog from the windshield of the plane you’re flying.  You see further.  Your anxiety decreases.  You gain the confidence to plan your journey, to fly the chosen route and readjust the flight plan, if need be.  You can even and to decide what to do after you land.

Pain-2-Power planning is planning for success, but anticipating that obstacles will arise.  They always do.  Sometimes, the obstacles are very substantial.  But they don’t stop Pain-2-Power people.  For us, every obstacle is an opportunity.

Dr. Keith Ablow

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  1. Curtis Luna says:

    Dr. Keith,

    This is inspiring… I will be checking out your channel and podcast.

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