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Pain-2-Power and “The Law of Attraction”

At first blush, the principles of Pain-2-Power might seem to have little in common with “The Law of Attraction,” a theory made popular by the film and book called The Secret.  After all, Pain-2-Power primes a person to get to core level truths about the SELF, thereby unlocking massive untapped reservoirs of power.  It takes real work, not just wishing.

The idea behind The Secret is that what we think and feel has the power to attract real events into our lives.  Think positively and envision a powerful future, The Secret says, and it can be yours.

So is Pain-2-Power the opposite of The Secret?

It isn’t.  I, too, believe that thinking of (and planning for) a spectacular future can attract individuals and resources to you that help fulfill your dreams.  People have a sixth sense for how they can join you in your real hopes and dreams and be part of something positive that comes from your heart.  True creative energy is contagious that way.  The universe does respond to it.

But here’s the potential problem with “The Law of Attraction”:  Without an exploration of your past that frees you from negative patterns of thought and behavior, the self-fulfilling prophesies you create (no matter how much you say or wish otherwise) can be self-defeating.  That’s because we gravitate naturally toward flawed dynamics left over from earlier events in our lives, until we examine those events and become free to choose clearer paths in life.

The real secret to unlocking the magic of the Secret, is first becoming yourSELF.

You can wish for true love with all your heart.  But until you are willing to see why it alluded you in the past, you are still at risk to attract someone who can’t love with all his (or her) heart.  You can wish for financial success.  But until you are willing to examine the toxic lessons about money taught to you in your family of origin, riches will be elusive.  You can wish to lose weight or stop smoking or drinking.  But until you look back at the emotional roots of your dependency on food or tobacco or alcohol, you will find them tethering you to old habits.

Pain-2-Power is actually the key to using “The Law of Attraction” effectively.  It makes it possible to intend the best for yourself and project that intention clearly to others, to leave psychological orbits defined by the past and chart new journeys of self-discovery and self-actualization, to look to the future and see the new chapters of your life story clearly because they are not obscured by imperfect pages from the past.

We are as powerful to create the future as we are brave enough to face the past.  This is as true for individuals as it is for countries.  It is true for me, and it is true for you.

Dr. Keith Ablow


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