Posted: December 9, 2020 in: Pain-2-Power

Power x Power

Here’s a mystery I don’t think any physicist or pharmacologist or neurologist will ever figure out, no matter how much we learn about neurotransmitters and no matter how powerful our electron microscopes become:  When two people team up in a positive way, the result is not 1 + 1 = 2.  The result is exponential.  Think of it as Power2.  The synergy possible between a coach and a client or between partners in a business or between a couple raising a family is magnified in ways that we know quite well and are quite lucky to experience, yet know next to nothing about.

Why—at a human, rather than a molecular level—is this exponential phenomenon the case?  It may be because the presence of another person listening and generating ideas not only adds to those being shared, but actually catalyzes additional ideas in the person originally speaking.  Hence, there is, in my interactions with clients, ME, YOU and WE.  I believe WE is a separate, productive, intuitive entity of its own, and I would venture that WE has abilities that rival or exceed ME and YOU.

WE makes itself known in other than creative venues, by the way.  It comes into play when the miracle of empathy unfolds, too.  It comes into play when courage fuels a heroic act by one person for another.  It comes into play when someone intuits the thoughts or feelings of another person.

It makes sense to facilitate the power of WE—Power2–whenever possible.  That means reaching out for guidance, for friendship, for teamwork, for love.

The power of WE has not been studied yet in any comprehensive way.  Maybe it is best not to even try.  Maybe it is best to simply appreciate, indulge and develop that power.

Dr. Keith Ablow


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