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Simon and Schuster Publishing is now ground zero in the Cancel Contagion pandemic that threatens free speech in the United States and around the world.

Believe it or not, 214 employees of Simon and Schuster signed a petition demanding that the company drop two books by former Vice President Mike Pence  it contracted to publish because of his supposedly racist and sexist views.  Moreover, the petition demands that the company not publish books with anyone affiliated with the Trump Administration, which the signers contend was not a “normal” chapter in the history of the country.

Stunningly, 3500 outside influencers also signed on to support the petition, including two-time National Book Award winner Jesmyn Ward.

Simon and Schuster’s CEO Jonathan Karp has rejected his employees’ demands, but the company has, in the past, canceled titles by authors who were deemed too controversial, including Senator Josh Hawley.  On this occasion, Mr. Karp rightly pointed out that Simon and Schuster is committed to publishing books refleting a diversity of opinions and perspectives.

The 214 employees lobbying Simon and Schuster to muzzle conservative writers associated with the Trump Administration represent 14 percent of the publisher’s workforce.  Think about that.  Fourteen percent of the workforce not only supported the idea of canceling a book by the former Vice President of the United States (and lots of other writers), but had enough conviction about it to sign a petition to that effect.  That’s a stunning and frightening reality because these are folks in the, well, publishing industry who might be presumed to value free speech and a range of opinions and open debate more than some other folks.  Well, they clearly don’t.

I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised—at all.  Newspapers like the New York Times became mouthpieces for far left politics long ago—happy enough to crucify anyone who didn’t roll with their ideas and their agenda. Yes, crucify.  Many, many lives of good and decent people have been destroyed by the New York Times, intentionally.

And, by the way, where is the American Civil Liberties Union as the rights to free speech of conservatives in America are being shut down.  Nowhere.

An MRI of the minds of the liberal media has been completed and inside we see rage and a desire to burn the Constitution and Bill of Rights at the stake.  There is no way to credibly assert otherwise, any longer.  It is what it is.

Jonathan Karp emerges as a hero in all this.  There will be others.  And they will win, in the end.  Because the truth, My Friends, always, always wins.


Dr. Keith Ablow

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