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In his illuminating book, Principles, Ray Dalio, Founder of Bridgewater Associates and one of the 100 wealthiest people in the world, makes the case for radical truth and radical transparency.  Dalio is right; having a small tribe of people in a company who are “in the know” about mission critical issues, while many others kept in the dark, breeds office politics, paranoia and destructive behavior.

Dalio explains that radical truth and radical transparency means openly sharing one’s opinions and perspectives and observations about an organization, while truly welcoming additional data, opposing viewpoints and different perspectives.

Of course, many people find this very challenging.  It requires, as Dalio points out, “letting go of their ego’s attachment to being right.”  And that’s one of the crucial ways in which Pain-2-Power fuels Radical Truth and Radical Transparency.  Because a person’s ego holds fast to rigid perspectives in any arena when it is first trained to resist core truths about that person’s own life.

It’s just not possible to be radically truthful and transparent in building a company, or creating art, or, for that matter, creating the next chapters of your own life story, if you are defending against truths from the early chapters of your life story.  Denial will flex its muscles and prevent that openness.  Put another way, the place to start is with becoming radically truth and transparent with oneSELF.

Pain-2-Power makes radical truth and transparency go viral—from anyone who engages in the process to any entity with which he or she then engages.  Individuals who have looked truthfully at themselves, including the complex life events and relationships they have experienced, won’t shy away from training the same pristine lens on people, projects and systems they then encounter.  They won’t resist well-intentioned questions or criticism or try to shut down the creativity of others because they aren’t defending against seeing or hearing or thinking about anything that has real value.

Pain-2-Power isn’t painful in and of itself, by the way.  It’s healing and empowering.  Some people think that getting to know themselves better will put them too closely in touch with toxic parts of their life stories.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  It will put you in touch with your core self-esteem, core talents, core courage and core strength.

Dr. Keith Ablow


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