Posted: July 7, 2021 in: Pain-2-Power, Personal Empowerment

Re-Invent Yourself? No. Re-Embrace YourSELF.

People talk about reinventing themselves, as though adopting a new focus for work or a new outlook after a painful divorce or even a new “look” is enough to change the trajectory of their existences.  Certainly, I applaud those who hit rough patches or hurdles and don’t give up, instead summoning new interests and perspectives with which to engage the world.  But, ultimately, there’s no re-creating oneself.  That’s because we are born with a unique self is immutable and indestructible.  The journey of a lifetime, the journey that surely can be painful, but which makes us more and more powerful, is re-embracing our true selves.

What does that mean?  It means that each of us is born with a core ability to think for ourselves, to voice our thoughts, to dream and to manifest those dreams.  We circle this core, in orbits near or far, but what we really need is to embrace it.  We need to go home to it.  That’s where our feet will feel firmly planted.  That’s where our fears will dissipate.  That’s where we can harness intuition and imagination and intelligence to write the best next chapters of our life stories.

There’s nothing left to reinvent once you have truly re-embraced yourSELF.

Re-embracing yourSELF isn’t as daunting as it might sound.  Think of it as a “trust fall.”  Most everyone remembers what it felt like to overcome the anxiety about letting yourself fall backwards, knowing you would hit the ground—hard—if your friend or sibling didn’t do as he or she promised and catch you.  Well, embracing yourSELF is like a trust fall into the unfailing hands of God, or of the Universe, if you like.  It is a trust fall into your own hands, which are, when you claim your greatest potential, the hands of God.

Whether you were “meant” to be a teacher or scientific researcher or entrepreneur or artist or writer or chef, once you accept that fact and re-embrace yourSELF, you won’t be of two minds about moving forward to manifest your greatest gifts.  You won’t be hoping the next wardrobe or job will make all the difference in the world.  You won’t even be thinking that winning the lottery would be the answer to your prayers.  Because wardrobes and jobs and money come and goes.  The self is eternal.  It is waiting for you to live its story.  It is, in fact, the only non-fiction version of your life that you can live.

Do you need to paint?  Do you need to help care for children?  Do you need to cultivate crops, study the stars, defend the innocent as an attorney, invent a new product, reverse an injustice?  If you aren’t pursuing what matters to you, what really matters to you, it’s time to take a step in that direction.  It must be, or you wouldn’t be reading this blog.  Because if you are, your SELF is waiting for you to be truer to it, waiting for you to re-embrace it.

Dr. Keith Ablow

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