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The essence of real leadership is being open to the truth.

Pain-2-Power for Leaders is based on that principle.

Why?  Because someone willing to dig deeply enough and listen attentively enough and test possibilities vigorously enough will find firm footing to move forward toward any goal.

There is no quicksand waiting for those who are committed to searching for solid ground and willing to hear what isn’tokay, what might not turn out well.  That’s how weaknesses get addressed, after all.

In the end, launching any project or reassessing any project or working through any conflict requires finding the non-fiction narrative that corresponds to it.  What is the truth about the public’s appetite for a product?  What is the truth about the possibilities for moving a project past predictable resistance?  What are the resources truly available to launch a new business unit?  What are the real skills of those working to actualize the essential goals of the enterprise?

Looking at potential hurdles up ahead is part of the journey.  Looking back at what has not gone well in the past is also essential.  It would be self-defeating, after all, to waste the insights to be gleaned from efforts that did not meet with success.  Understanding the complete truth as to why they didn’t work out makes planning for better outcomes a lot easier.

Robert Pirsig, in his classic book Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maitenance, put it this way, “The past, coming up from behind, dominates everything in sight.”  I agree—but only when we refuse to turn around and look at it openly and honestly.  Then we transform its power to trip us up into the power to take needed, bold, smart steps forward.

Part of the truth a leader needs is also the truth about the leader him or herself.  What core strengths and weaknesses does he or she possess?  What can be done to optimize the strengths and defeat the weaknesses?

Fiction is kryptonite for leaders.  Truth is their life blood.

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Dr. Keith Ablow


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