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Staging Your Own Comeback

Staging Your Own Comeback

Be honest.  You need one.  Everyone does.

If you think you don’t, you’re not thinking hard enough.

The comeback is the iconic story of humankind.  It is at the foundation of every heroic journey.  There must be a reversal, and there must be a decision to walk through the storm to higher ground, into the light.

The Resurrection is the story of Jesus, but it is also the story of every man or woman who claims it.

What will your comeback be?

Is there a relationship you owe it to yourSELF to rekindle?  Is there a SELF-destructive habit you need to quit?  Is there a manuscript tucked in the back of your closet that was rejected by so many publishers that you wrongly gave up on the writer inside you?  Is there a dream you deferred and then forgot about?  Have you been too worried about past missteps or even misdeeds to kindle your potential to share your gifts with the world?

Do not wait.  Time is a hunter.  You do not have infinite days to write the chapters of your life story that make you its hero.  And you can, indeed, in deeds, write those chapters.

I promise you.

Do you think that the detours and hurdles and reversals that have been part of your journey have been random?  They have not.  They were encoded in your life story as the very detours, hurdles and reversals you needed to navigate, clear and confront, in order to become an even stronger version of yourSELF.

Was the journey of those who crossed the desert with Moses, after fleeing Egypt, one without trouble and even calamity?  No.  There were all manner of detours, doubts and failings on the way to the Promised Land.

Do you know there are people jailed for life who find new lives as poets?  Do you know there are people who find themselves bankrupt who make new fortunes?  Do you know that there are people who try to end their lives during periods of depression who find joy and success in life within the same year?

Recovery and redemption are the normal course of events, so long as you claim them as your own.

Dr. Keith Ablow

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