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Plenty of people this Thanksgiving—and every Thanksgiving—are facing adversity.  Economic hardships, health challenges and political upheaval have visited millions.  Add to that potential difficulties in relationships, and it’s easy to imagine that the holiday yesterday was still a pretty stressful day for lots and lots of people.  Maybe it was for you, too.

Here’s a potential antidote for the stress:  Think of everything you’ve encountered and everything you will encounter as a treasure hunt.

Okay, I know that sounds a little like a Hallmark card, but I don’t mean it that way—at all.  What I mean is that no matter what you are living through—no matter what—there is a way to be purified, strengthened and ennobled by it.  The way to do that is to actively search, even if you are in pain, for the thread of enlightenment in whatever is unfolding.  Grab it like the lifeline it is.  Use it to climb higher.

Does loss hurt?  Yes.  Can it be searingly painful?  Yes.  Can it also make you value what you love even more and sensitize you to the pain of others?  Yes.  Can it make you more courageous as you survive the loss?  Yes.

Can unexpected detours in life leave your head spinning, trigger confusion and cause massive anxiety?  Yes.  Can they also be the setting for you keeping your eyes, heart and mind open to new opportunities that develop because the old order of your life has been upset?  Yes.

Can an uncertain future politically bring all manner of concerns with it?  Of course. Can it also lead you to learn more than ever about the forces unpinning our political realities and lead you to commit to fighting harder than ever before for what you believe in?  Yes.

Can loneliness cut you to the core?  Yes.  Can it also lead you to quiet reflection, deep study, new creative projects or actively looking for new, deep and abiding human connections?  Yes.

Never mind the silver lining everyone talks about in the context of life’s trials and tribulations.  I think that envisioning a shimmering, unbreakable golden rope is the better visual.  It is present in the midst of every moment, every situation, every challenge, every reversal, every battle.  Look for it.  Grab onto to it.  Follow it.  It will bring you to a treasure—every time.  Believe in it, and it will never, ever let you down.  And . . . be thankful for it.

Dr. Keith Ablow


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