Posted: October 19, 2020 in: Faith, Pain-2-Power, Personal Empowerment

The Comeback is God’s Favorite Story

When everything goes according to plan, when successes flow without reversals, we consider ourselves fortunate.  And we are.  But, more often, success either comes after putting forth great effort to clear significant hurdles or after experiencing actual reversals—sometimes profound ones.

A reversal, followed by a comeback, is God’s favorite story.  Why?  Because that story requires the most faith and the most follow through.

The faith required is in oneSELF, first and foremost.  It is the faith that digging deeper for commitment and courage to serve one’s core, truest goals (whether professionally or personally) will not be in vain.  Seen this way, believing in oneSELF is not about ego or narcissism, it is directly connected to (and some would say synonymous with) believing in God.  It is the belief that your talents, dreams and, yes, the highest hurdles on the way to your goals never block your path.  They might trip you up.  They might even make you fall down and bleed.  But they can’t make you stop, if you decide to get up, reach deep and keep moving forward.

The resolve to keep moving forward—despite all the twists and turns in life—sets the stage for the comeback story.  And that can be your story, no matter what you are coming back from.

No matter what.  That sounds absolute and without exception.  I mean it that way.

Faith—believing it can happen—is the key.  Faith connects the SELF to God.  It is the invisible wiring powering every comeback.  A narrative—coming up with the storyline of your comeback—is the map.

Human beings are creative thinkers.  We can imagine the next chapters of our lives.  If you’re looking for a comeback, let yourself do just that.  Look to the future.  Imagine the best comeback story of all.  Imagine the first steps on that journey.  Then take them.

The comeback story you come up with won’t be random.  It will be a distillation of the thoughts and intentions at the back of your mind or deep in your heart.  That’s part of gift we get as human beings. What we imagine has meaning.

Mind you, the steps may feel clunky at first.  There may even be false starts.  You may have to reimagine the journey ahead, as you get more data as you navigate any particular path.  But you will be moving ahead, even if it seems otherwise at times.  That’s another place faith comes into play—seeing setbacks as temporary. Always.  Every time.

Dr. Keith Ablow


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